10 best kids’ duvets that will keep them snug all night long

10 best kids’ duvets that will keep them snug all night long thumbnail

Panda kids cloud duvet

  • Best: Overall
  • Sizes: 150cm x 120cm
  • Tog rating: 4.5

Weighty and satisfyingly thick, this duvet feels really luxurious. The cloud’s outer cover is made from bamboo and feels gorgeously silky – it’s almost a shame to encase it in a duvet cover. It also has a smart black trim around the edge and a cute, embroidered panda on the corner. The filling is meant to recreate the down-feather feeling but uses bamboo and nano microfibre fabrics instead (50/50 of each). It definitely feels plush without being hugely thick.

This duvet was one of our mini tester’s favourites. He was cosy going off to sleep but didn’t wake up in a sweaty mess. We liked that it’s hypoallergenic – perfect for our little one’s eczema. The cloud is also machine washable and claims to dry in half the time of normal duvets. You can even tumble dry it on a low heat, which is a bonus during the winter months.

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Dusk pure mulberry silk all seasons duvet

  • Best: All-seasons duvet
  • Size: Standard single
  • Tog rating: 4.5 and 7.5

This is a very plush year-round duvet, which is probably better suited to older kids and teens. The pack comes with a 4.5 and a 7.5-tog duvet, which you can use separately depending on the seasons or button together for a thoroughly cosy sleep. The casing is 100 per cent cotton, while the filling is 100 per cent silk. It’s a fantastic option for those who want to enjoy natural fibres but are allergic to down feathers.

Silk is a natural temperature regulator as well as a high-end fabric. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic and long-lasting, as long as you care for it. Speaking of care, this can’t go anywhere near a washing machine – it’s spot-clean only. However, it feels incredibly cosy and warm on cooler nights. The duvet has a very satisfying weight to it, and no hint of a crinkling sound when moving about. Our tester was very happy with it – as they should be considering the usual price is £165. Fortunately, it’s currently reduced to £82.50.

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Silentnight healthy growth calming duvet

  • Best: Weighted duvet
  • Size: Single, double
  • Tog rating: 10.5

This duvet is ideal for children who are prone to anxiety or sleep issues. It’s gently weighted with a heavier filling. The extra pressure from weighted blankets is thought to ease anxiety and promote better sleep (some children with ASD and ADHD have reported it helps with restlessness). Our tester enjoyed the extra security of the weight of this blanket, and seemed to sleep well under it.

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Despite the filling being polyester, Silentnight says this particular duvet shouldn’t get too hot for your child. But at 10.5 togs, it’s better used on cooler nights and for slightly older children. Having said that, our tester, who is prone to overheating, didn’t get too sweaty under it, even on mild evenings.

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Next kids junior duvet and pillow set

  • Best: Budget buy
  • Size: Toddler, standard single
  • Tog rating: 4 and 7

This duvet set comes in 4 tog and 7 tog, and in both single and toddler sizes. For this round-up, we tested the seven-tog single duvet, which is certainly cosy enough to see most kids through a long, chilly winter. It’s a well-made duvet, but as both its cover and filling are 100 per cent polyester, it’s very lightweight (the lower price tag takes into account this more affordable filling). That said, it feels wonderfully marshmallowy, and the casing is also very soft – when our tester wiggled about, there wasn’t a hint of a crinkling noise.

As polyester isn’t super breathable, this duvet is best for winter months and slightly older children. But for those with kids prone to accidents, rejoice – this duvet is fully machine washable.

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Soak & Sleep 100% New Zealand Mitchell wool duvet

  • Best: Summer duvet
  • Size: Single, double, king, superking
  • Tog rating: N/A

In warmer months, this duvet provides plenty of comfort without overheating. Unfortunately, it comes in single size, but not smaller. For older kids, though, it’s a great option. The filling is 100 per cent wool for all those lovely temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic features, as well as being excellent at wicking away sweat. Grim, but a necessity.

Despite being a lighter duvet, it’s not necessarily lightweight. Something our tester liked, as they find the weight and drape helps them sleep. The unbleached cotton casing does have a slight crinkle to it. Our tester was thrilled to find they could sleep comfortably underneath it on the warmer nights (admittedly, we didn’t test it during the heatwave), without having to kick off the covers.

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Little Green Sheep organic wool duvet

  • Best: Year-round duvet
  • Size: 120cm x 140cm
  • Tog rating: 4

Another duvet made only from natural fibres, the casing is 100 per cent certified organic cotton. The organic British wool filling has natural temperature-regulating properties, which means it keeps little ones snug in winter and cool in summer. We liked this, as there were no worries about different winter and summer duvets.

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This duvet isn’t at all bulky, but it quickly warms up to the perfect cosy temperature once a little body is underneath. It is possible to machine wash this duvet at 30C, but you can’t tumble dry it – which might be something to consider if you find you need to wash your kids’ duvets regularly.

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The White Company hypoallergenic soft and light breathable duvet

  • Best: Hypoallergenic duvet
  • Size: 120cm x 140cm
  • Tog rating: 4

We were pretty jealous of our mini tester when it came to this duvet. It feels super plush and snuggly, and has a soft casing made from 200-thread-count cotton jacquard. The filling is 80 per cent Smartfil polyester, which claims to offer the same thermal efficiency as down duvets but with finer fibres – the result is a lighter duvet. The other 20 per cent of the filling is Modal microfibre, which is 50 per cent more absorbent than cotton, wicking away any sweat. It’s also super durable yet dreamily soft – perfect for a lump-free duvet.

We found that this duvet really hit the mark. It had the right level of sumptuousness without it being heavy and making our child overheat. We liked that it’s hypoallergenic and that you can machine wash and tumble dry it to shed any mites and germs. A luxurious yet practical option.

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Naturalmat child organic wool spring/autumn duvet

  • Best: Chemical-free duvet
  • Size: 100cm x 135cm, 135cm x 200cm
  • Tog rating: 4 and 9

This 9-tog wool duvet with cotton cambric cover is handmade in Devon, and you can feel the love and care that goes into it. Available in both single and cot bed sizes (we tested the latter), this duvet isn’t as puffy as other duvets, but it is still heavy and offers a snug drape. If your little one doesn’t like crinkly duvet noises, then this ticks that box. If you’re after a totally organic duvet, this is a great choice because there are no chemicals used in the production process, though that does mean that the duvet is dry clean only.

The wool filling is fantastic for temperature regulation – our mini tester (who can be quite sweaty) didn’t overheat, even on warmer evenings. If you’re after something lighter than this, Naturalmat does a 4-tog version for summer months.

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Devon Duvets little Lana cot bed wool duvet

  • Best: Ethical duvet
  • Size: 100cm x 135cm
  • Tog rating: Approximately 4-7

Made from 100 per cent British wool, this duvet is cosy without being too hot, due to its natural temperature-regulating properties – clever things, sheep. It’s also resistant to dust mites, so it gets another tick there.

Devon Duvets is the first bedding company to be accredited by British Wool, all thanks to its strict eco-credentials. No bleach or chemicals are used when the wool is cleaned, and the duvets are all handmade in Devon before being bundled up in reusable packaging. Even the casing, which is 100 per cent cotton, is made from Better Cotton Initiative cotton, which promotes better environmental and socio-economic farming.

The duvet itself has a nice drape to it, so little ones feel snug and secure. We will admit the care of this duvet is a bit high maintenance – you’re advised to air it (ideally outside) each time you wash the bed linen, at least every three to four weeks. Happily, you can machine wash it at 30C, though you can’t tumble dry it.

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Woolroom kids’ cot bed duvet

  • Best: Easy-care wool duvet
  • Size: 120cm x 150cm
  • Top rating: Approximately 3-6

Woolroom prides itself on using only fully traceable British wool, and that’s no different in this cot-bed duvet. Tightly quilted and fairly weighty, this duvet created a cosy drape around our little one, making them feel snug and secure. And it doesn’t smell when taking it out of the box, like some other wool duvets might.

The temperature-regulating wool filling has been treated to ensure the duvet can be machine-washed. However, no residual harmful toxins or chemicals are left after the treatment, which gives peace of mind that children are snoozing safely.

The casing is made from 100 per cent unbleached 200 thread count organic cotton for extra breathability. Woolroom recommends you wash this duvet on a delicate 30C cycle and never tumble dry.

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