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Spending time outside is really beneficial for us, both mentally and physically. But it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with friends, family, or even alone for a relaxing “me” time. The important thing here is to have the proper equipment when you plan your hike or camping trip.

That’s why we at Bright Side decided to gather up some essential products from Amazon that will help you have a really good time.

1. Make coffee fast and mess-free while traveling.

Buy the coffee press on Amazon here

Quick set-up

This rapid-brew coffee press will give you delicious and smooth coffee on the go. And thanks to the microfilter paper, you will be able to clean it within seconds.

Promising review:

  • A very happy trucker — Well, I took the coffee plunge and ordered one after reading and seeing so many good reviews online. Everything is neatly packed away, and it’s super easy to use and clean. The mug is very nice to use, and the unit fits perfectly well over the usual mug I have at home. My only regret is not purchasing it sooner. — Dave L

2. Emergency whistle that works in any weather conditions

Buy the safety whistle on Amazon here

One of the loudest

When you are out hiking, camping, or simply walking your dog, safety is your first priority. Whistles are great to signal to others, ask for help, or scare away wildlife that can hurt you. So make sure to always have one within reach.

Promising reviews:

  • Good whistle! It serves its purpose fantastically — I bought this as a safety precaution after recent events. I think it’s a great product to have with you in case of an emergency or an unfortunate situation where you might find yourself in danger. I keep this on me when I’m outside, especially when it’s dark, just in case. This whistle is very loud when blown properly. The price is great as well. I would definitely recommend it! — nazza
  • A loud whistle and easy to carry when outdoors — I wanted a nice loud whistle to attract our dog’s attention when she’s “on a mission.” She’s a Cocker Spaniel, so she is often on a sniffing mission when she’s out.

    This whistle certainly does the job and does get her to stop and look at you. It is louder and has a deeper tone than the “dog whistle” that she can hear but completely ignores.

    I also like the little clip that you can use to attach the whistle to your belt or pocket.

    A good whistle at a reasonable price. — Mr. Ross Maynard

3. Full climbing gear for easy hiking

Buy the set on Amazon here

Durable aluminum

Walking poles will help you distribute your weight evenly across your whole body. This is especially important if you are carrying a heavy load. Plus, hiking sticks will protect the knees, especially if you are going downhill.

Promising review:

  • Brilliant — These sturdy sticks didn’t disappoint! We’ve been out a few times with them already and can’t believe the difference they make. We are getting a full body workout and with the icy conditions out there, it’s been a godsend to have a 4×4 feeling when out on dog walks.

    My partner has a dodgy knee, and he’s now able to keep up with me, and both of our walking speeds have improved. Steve now says he looks forward to walks (GASP!) and we are making the most of it by getting 3 to 4 miles in per day. So we would definitely recommend these poles. — Gillian
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4. 8-piece kitchen utensil set for high-quality indoor and outdoor use

Buy the kitchen utensil set on Amazon here

Water-resistant case

When we pack for camping, we need to be extra careful with knives and other utensils, as they are sharp. This set is great for outdoorsy people, with its case that keeps everything organized and in place.

Promising review:

  • You’ll love it — I wasn’t sure about buying this as it was quite expensive, but decided to go for it. I wasn’t disappointed. It is amazing and made such a difference to us on our camping trip. Having everything together was great and there was no scrambling around trying to find things in the tent.

    Plenty of room also for our cutlery and salt and pepper dish. My only gripe (and I can’t believe the manufacturer hasn’t thought of this) is that the tongs could do with a metal clip to keep them closed. — Lisa Owen

5. 2-pack LED headlights that are great for use when outside or working in low-light rooms

Buy the headlamp on Amazon here

3 adjustment modes

If you still haven’t decided what to buy for an outdoorsy person, then stop here and get these LED headlights. It’ll make one of the best gifts. They’ll love it. Especially because they can also be used indoors when they have to work around the house in dark spaces.

Promising review:

  • A great little light — I mainly use this light around my garden at night in an unlit country area. It’s a great improvement over my 20-year-old technology equivalent type. The light itself is bright with a nice even spread over quite a wide area, as against the old concentrated spot in one place, and I find that it makes my job much easier as a consequence. I’ll qualify that by saying I only need to move my eyes now, instead of my whole head. The quality is good, and I have no regrets about buying this brand so far. — REG G

6. High-quality and spacious camping shower tent for privacy

Buy the shower tent on Amazon here

1-minute set-up

For some people, privacy is not always possible when camping and surrounded by nature. This can be a real issue and even a reason to not have a good time outside. If this is the case, then this shower tent is the answer. It can be used for showers, toilets, and even storage.

Promising review:

  • Recommended — Easy to put up — it just pops up when you take it out of the bag. It has an open top (with a net covering the opening) but has a waterproof cover that fits over the top to keep out the rain. It also comes with a removable floor piece and ropes and pegs. There’s also a little pocket inside, but it’s quite high up and out of reach if you’re using the tent as a porta loo.

    Overall, I’m very pleased with it. We used it when the toilets on our campsite were closed. It rained all weekend and the wind was howling, and I kept expecting it to be gone when I woke up, but it stayed put and didn’t let any rain in.

    A bit pricey, but definitely worth it. — Mike

7. A pair of LED flashlight gloves that you can use outdoors or when fixing things at home with no light

Buy the flashlight gloves on Amazon here

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Comfortable and soft

Lights will always come in handy, especially if they are as practical as these glove flashlights. These are especially good if you don’t want to illuminate a huge space, but just one small area where you need to use your hands.

Promising review:

  • The best solution for your doggie’s winter morning walks — This is the best solution when you need to collect doggie feces on a morning walk in winter when it’s dark. Unlike phone flashlights and headlights, you cannot cast a shadow on the area where you are searching for feces.

    I am not sure how good they are for night fishing, but they are just amazing for my dog’s purpose.

    You can also wear them over your woven gloves. I’ve already been using them for a couple of months every day, and the battery still holds. I can highly recommend them! — Ellie B

8. A multipurpose and large blanket for the outdoors that is great for the whole family

Buy the picnic blanket on Amazon here


Whether for a picnic, camping, or on the beach, this blanket will be your savior. It’s especially a must-buy product if you have young children who take naps and have fun playing while sitting down. This blanket is high-quality and super easy to carry around.

Promising reviews:

  • Large picnic rug — I really love the colors, the size is good, and it has a soft feel. I managed to fold it up after a couple of tries, but it’s great that it has a handle for carrying. I would recommend it! — 

  • Nice color and enjoying my picnics — When the sun is out in the UK, you need to pack your bags and go out. But you need a barbecue and a picnic mat like this with a lot of colors to brighten up your mood. I like the strength, and it looks durable. — Neha Kaul

9. The perfect gift for wintertime, and for people who can’t stand the cold

Buy the hand warmer on Amazon here

Compact and portable

If you are not fond of the cold, or you actually love to spend time outside in winter, then these hand warmers are for you. They’re super easy to use and practical — they’ll feel like a small haven on cold days. Plus, these heaters will be one of the best gifts you can give to people who constantly have cold hands.

Promising reviews:

  • This is an efficient form of hand-warming for your fingers. — I bought this for my cousin who suffers from a white finger condition, and found it very easy to use and efficient. I will be ordering another item for him so that he can be really comfortable in this very cold weather when outside. — 

    Joan Holdaway
  • It’s easy to use and charges fast — The item arrived quickly and was easy to charge up. It warms up and cools down quickly. Simple controls and nice and warm, even on the lowest setting, plus you get 2, what’s not to like? I highly recommend it. — Mr. Sm Flanagan

10. A music hat with attached wireless headphones, plus a free pair of gloves

Buy the music hat on Amazon here

Available in 8 colors

Using earbuds and headphones when outside in the cold is sometimes not an option. And if this is the case for you as well, then consider getting this hat. It has a built-in speaker that is easy to connect, and the battery life lasts a very long time.

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Promising review:

  • Keep your head warm and the music on, and still be aware of your surroundings — I was not expecting great things from this, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

    It fits really well. I have a big head, and it goes on fine. My wife, who has a small head, tried it, and it was a great fit for her as well. The sound is perfect for me. If you are wearing a hat, chances are you are outside, and you should be able to have an awareness of what’s around you. This hat allows that, as there is no canceling noise effect.

    Also, it’s super easy to connect with your phone. My iPhone even shows the connection and the battery level. — P Smith

11. Awesome binoculars for bird watching or sightseeing

Buy the binoculars on Amazon here

Bright and clear view

Binoculars are good for enjoying nice scenery up close, but they are also a necessity because they’ll help you see things closer and prepare yourself for what’s coming your way. Either way, an outdoorsy person will love to have these for their next hike or next camping trip.

Promising review:

  • Excellent binoculars — They are great binoculars with 12x magnification, which makes things that are far away, appear quite close to you. It came with a protective carry fleece, a lens cleaner, and a carry strap. It also has a tripod and adjustable bits to set up the phone on it. Ideal for taking photos from a long distance.

    It’s easy to carry with you as it’s designed to fold, and ideal for carrying with you. It’s great quality for the price. — Amazonoholic

12. A portable gas stove that’s easy to use outdoors

Buy the stove on Amazon here


Whether for a quick meal or for boiling water, burners are very important for camping. And this one is super practical since it won’t take up a lot of space. Plus, it’s easy to ignite, and the flame is adjustable.

Promising reviews:

  • Great value — Works perfectly with a standard gas can. It’s slightly erratic with a longer adapter.

    I’ve used it on 15 camps, and it appeared sturdy and a good value. — Triskell
  • Excellent — Boiled a camping kettle of water in just over 3 minutes. — AD

What is your favorite campsite? What are the most important essentials when hiking or camping? What do you pack first?

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