2 Children Dead Following Kindergarten Knife Attack in Guangxi

2 Children Dead Following Kindergarten Knife Attack in Guangxi

A knife-wielding man entered a kindergarten in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Wednesday afternoon. 

Two teachers and sixteen children were injured in the attack, with two of the children succumbing to their injuries. They passed away in hospital later that evening, as per China Daily.

Police arrested a 28-year-old man who claimed to have been bullied while attending the school as a child, according to the BBC.

perpetrator.jpegThe perpetrator was arrested shortly after the attack. Image via 记者郝建国/Weibo

The kindergarten is located in Xinfeng Township in Beiliu city. 

Community members queued outside the hospitals where the victims were being treated to voluntarily donate blood.

As of press time, the hashtag ‘Citizens of Beiliu, Guangxi voluntarily line up to donate blood’ had been viewed 130 million times. Many netizens wished the students and teachers a swift recovery while praising the blood donors for their righteousness.

blood-donation-Guangxi.jpegResidents line up to donate blood for the victims of the knife attack. Image via @China Daily/Weibo

The original hashtag referring to the horrific incident was made unsearchable on Weibo. However, a new one sprung up in its place, with Chinese netizens expressing bewilderment and frustration over the lack of coverage.

China has had several knife attacks at schools and kindergartens in recent years. 

On January 23 of this year, a man with a knife attacked middle school students in Kunming, Yunnan province. He then took one student hostage for an hour and a half before being shot by police, China Daily reports.

Another man in Guangzhou stabbed a woman, four primary school students and a kindergarten student near a kindergarten in Panyu last September. 

In 2018, a man stabbed nine students to death at a middle school in Shaanxi province – the perpetrator also cited bullying as his motive.

Again in 2018, a 39-year-old woman injured 14 children with a knife at a kindergarten in Chongqing.

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hostage-yunnan.jpegThe Yunnan attacker holding a young boy hostage in a standoff with police. Image via @启蒙狗/Weibo

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[Cover image: screengrab via Weibo]

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