2023 Capital Region general election guide


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The general election is set for Tuesday, November 8. There are several notable local races in New York’s Capital Region, as well as notable races in Massachusetts and two statewide ballot proposals.

Early voting in New York takes place from October 28 to November 5. If you want to vote by absentee ballot, you need to request it in person at your county board of elections by November 6. The ballot needs to be returned by November 7.

Where to vote by county

To find out where to go for early voting or for voting on election day, you can visit your county’s Board of Elections website. Here is the list of websites for the Capital Region counties:

Capital Region general election races

City of Troy Mayor

  • Carmella Mantello (Republican)
  • Nina Nichols (Democrat)

City of Saratoga Springs Mayor

  • Ron Kim (Incumbent, Democrat)
  • Chris Mathiesen (One Saratoga)
  • John Safford (Republican)

City of Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Public Safety

  • Timothy Coll (Republican)
  • Kristen Dart
  • James Montagnino (Incumbent, Democrat)

City of Schenectady Mayor

  • Gary McCarthy (Incumbent, Democrat)
  • Matthew Nelligan (Republican)
  • Edward Varno (Working Families)

City of Amsterdam Mayor

  • Mike Arbige (Republican)
  • Michael Cinquanti (Incumbent, Democrat)

City of Pittsfield Mayor

  • John Krol
  • Peter Marchetti

City of North Adams Mayor

  • Aprilyn Carsno
  • Jennifer Macksey (Incumbent)

Rensselaer County Sheriff

  • Kyle Bourgault (Democrat)
  • Brian Owens (Republican)

Town of East Greenbush Supervisor

  • Jack Conway (Incumbent, Democrat)
  • Edward Nestler, Jr. (Republican)

Town of Niskayuna Supervisor

  • Brian Backus (Republican)
  • Jamie Puccioni (Incumbent, Democrat)

Town of Malta Supervisor

  • Mark Hammond (Incumbent, Republican)
  • Cynthia Young (Democrat)

Town of Moreau Supervisor

  • Jesse Fish, Jr. (Democrat)
  • Theodore Kusnierz, Jr. (incumbent, Republican)

Town of Saratoga Supervisor

  • Ian Murray (Incumbent, Republican)
  • James Sullivan (Democrat)

Town of Wilton Supervisor

  • John Lant (Incumbent, Republican)
  • Toni Sturm (Democrat)

Town of Bolton Supervisor

  • Ron Conover (Incumbent, Republican)
  • Rich Larkin (Democrat)

Town of Chester Supervisor

  • Craig Leggett (Incumbent, Liberty)
  • John Maday (Republican)

Town of Hague Supervisor

  • Edna Frasier (Incumbent, Republican)
  • Joshua Patchett (Democrat)

Town of Johnsburg Supervisor

  • Kevin Bean (Republican)
  • Mark Smith (Incumbent, Johnsburg Forward)

Town of Mayfield Supervisor

  • Cynthia Fratianni (Democrat)
  • Brandon Lehr (Republican)

Town of Johnstown Supervisor

  • Randi Smith (Democrat)
  • Christina VanValkenburgh (Republican)

Town on Ancram Supervisor

  • Bonnie Hundt (Democrat)
  • James MacArthur (Republican)

Town of Chatham Supervisor

  • Donal Collins (Incumbent, Republican)
  • Christopher Spencer (Democrat)

Town of Stuyvesant Supervisor

  • Lee Jamison (Democrat)
  • Ron Knott (Incumbent, Republican)

Town of Athens Supervisor

  • George Greiner (Republican)
  • Michael Pirrone (Incumbent, Democrat)

Town of Cairo Supervisor

  • Timothy Hilgendorf (Democrat)
  • Jason Watts (Incumbent, Republican)

Town of Cobleskill Supervisor

  • Nicholas Elder (Democrat)
  • Werner Hampel (Incumbent, Republican)

Town of Conesville Supervisor

  • Bill Federice (Incumbent, Republican)
  • David Merwin (Democrat)

Town of Fulton Supervisor

  • Robert Crosby (Republican)
  • Philip Skowfoe (Incumbent, Democrat)

Town of Gilboa Supervisor

  • Alicia Terry (Incumbent, Gilboa United)
  • Timothy Vanglad (Republican)

Town of Richmondville

  • Jeffrey Haslun (Incumbent, Republican)
  • Martha Ketro Fisher (Democrat)

APAPI NY Columbia Supreme County District 3

  • Sherri Brooks-Morton (Democrat)
  • Daniel Lynch (Democrat)
  • Richard Rivera (Democrat)
  • Dana Salazar (Republican)

New York statewide ballot proposals

There are two statewide ballot proposal on all New York State ballots. The proposals are about small city school districts and sewage project debt. On the ballot, the proposals read:

“The proposed amendment to Article 8, section 4 of the Constitution removes the special constitutional debt limitation now placed on small city school districts, so they will be treated the same as all other school districts. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?”

“The proposed amendment to Article 8, section 5 of the Constitution extends for ten years the authority of counties, cities, towns, and villages to remove from their constitutional debt limits debt for the construction of sewage facilities. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?”


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