3/22/24 — Messy Winter Storm Ahead!


Latest Storm Tracker Forecast by Meteorologists Rob Lindenmuth & Jordan Due

We have a lot on the radar coming up tonight and tomorrow! Ohio Valley precipitation is going to bump into the cold air in the Capital Region. This will cause us to see snow initially…moving into Saturday however, all of the moisture we see associated with that system may be associated with some milder air. This could alter the temperature by a few degrees and make the snow turn into freezing rain, sleet, ice pellets, or just rain.

Lots of variety in the amount of snowfall many places could get. The mountains have the highest chance of getting slammed with the most amount of snow, the low end being a foot! Ice accumulation could be anywhere from a slight glaze or around 1/10″, making the roads a little slick. A lot of the snow in Albany (southbound) could turn into more slushy/sleet-like conditions if that warmer air brings us up a degree or two temperature-wise. This snowfall map is the total expected snow accumulation between tonight and Saturday night.

The Catskills/Berkshires/Capital Region have been issued a Winter Weather Advisory while places up in the Adirondacks/Vermont have received a Winter Storm Warning. Both of these will be put in place through tomorrow night. The conditions of this messy winter storm could have heavy rain pouring down south towards Albany while the northern/higher elevation areas will be packed with snow. Freezing rain, sleet, and other varieties of mixed precipitation will be in the mix as well, making this quite the slushy storm.

By 7AM tomorrow, there will be some mixed precipitation lining the rain/snow boundary. Snow is most impactful up north, rain will be more towards the south. Around mid-day could see some heavier accumulation of mixed precipitation within the Capital Region while the snow still comes down in the north. The tail end of this storm could also allow us to see even more accumulation in Albany! The system is expected to be moving more east out of our region around 10PM tomorrow.

Tonight the snow is expected to start around 10PM and continue into the early morning/mid-day tomorrow. Most of the heavier amounts of snowfall will be accumulating up to over a foot up north. The Capital Region will be a mix of freezing rain, sleet, and heavier rain later tomorrow night while places south of us will be experiencing mainly rain.

After tomorrow, we are looking to be cool on Sunday as our temperature still stays stuck in the 30s before we break into more seasonable temperatures by the beginning/middle of next week. This will be a relief to see some spring-like temperatures returning to us after this storm! There might be a shower on Wednesday, but we’re being optimistic and hoping for breaks of sun by the end of the day. Good chance to see some brighter and drier conditions as we remain seasonable for the remainder of the week.


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