31 Practical Things From Target That’ll Help Simplify Your Weekly Routine

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It really can be as simple as this.

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A Novogratz accent table for the person who’s sorely lacking in surface areas. It’s made from high-quality materials and can be used as a side table or a mini desk for working from the couch, which can make WFH feel a little easier.

the brown accent table holding a laptop


Promising review: “Perfect small-space desk! Easy to assemble, quite sturdy, and very chic looking.” —Meredith

Price: $72.24+ (originally $84.99; also available in blue)


A “welcome” doormat that will create an immediately cozy atmosphere in any home. Plus, it’s a practical item that will prevent you from tracking mud and other yucky stuff into your home, providing less of a clean-up task.

The 'welcome' doormat in black lettering with a floral background on a doorstep


Promising review: “It’s very colorful and just the right dimensions for a door entry.” —Jo Chef

Price: $13


Or! A wood writing desk if being able to separate business from pleasure while WFH is a difficult task for you. It’ll definitely aid productivity and make your space look a lot nicer as you won’t have work papers splayed across the dining table anymore.

The wood writing desk in white with a blue chair pulled up to it


Promising review: “It is the perfect desk for a small space!!!!!! It was so easy to assemble, too — less than 20 minutes. The drawer came already installed so all I had to do was the legs and the stabilizer and it’s nice and sturdy.” —Allyson C

Price: $88 (originally $110; available in six colors)


A floor cabinet with side shelves so your medicine cabinet won’t be overstuffed with beauty products, toothbrushes, and medical essentials. Having an overflowing cabinet is not chic.

The floor cabinet with side shelves in espresso brown


Promising review: “Yes, this is DIY assembly furniture, but it is very sturdy and doesn’t look cheap at all. Went together easily. Good purchase!” —HMatti

Price: $83.99 (available in three colors)


A faux leather storage ottoman that is a great place to keep extra blankets and cushions when it’s time to kick back for the night. Plus, it can be used as an extra seat or a footstool so you know you’ll get the maximum use out of it. Sometimes the best solution is the most simple one.

The storage ottoman in chocolate faux leather holding tea and a book


Promising review: “I don’t know how this was only $50 some dollars. It’s so dang cute and holds a lot of items! I put our blankets inside. I have about 5 throws in there and still room for more. We have a smaller living room and this is the perfect size. Big enough for two people to put their feet up on. Kids love to sit on it too. I feel the color shown is true. The leather is soft and the lid closes slowly/stays open when getting things in and out. No assembly which is a big perk! Wiped down for cleaning well too.” —RayRay

Price: $50 (also available in faux caramel leather)


A cast-iron Lodge Dutch oven for the person who is constantly looking for ways to simplify their time in the kitchen. It’s a great way to just throw quick soups, stews, and pasta dishes together without dirtying a bunch of dishes.

The cast iron dutch oven in red


Promising review: “Exactly what I was looking for. I have a family of six to feed and this is the perfect size. Cooks roasts to perfection.” —MrsOCx4

Price: $69.99 (also available in blue)


A stackable wire storage bin because we could all use a few extra storage solutions to make our days feel less chaotic. It’s great for yarn, blankets, pillows, and any other items you want to keep on hand but off the ground.

The stackable storage wire bin in white holding yarn, a pillow, and knitting needles


Promising review: “I purchased the small and medium-size wire baskets for board books and paperbacks. The built-in handles are great for transporting plus these baskets do not tip easily. The modular shape and basket size options are a plus. I was able to fit a lot of books of different sizes in a small space. Worth the price.” —Lintu123

Price: $10+ (available in three sizes)


A shoe storage organizer so you can keep your favorite duds in plain view and also keep pets from having easy access to them on the floor. It’ll definitely come in use every day and you’ll be thankful when you always have a place for your things so they won’t stay strewn on the floor.

The shoe storage organizer holding folded sweaters and sneakers


Promising review: “I am a college student, and this organizer has been great for my small apartment closet. I used to just line my shoes up on the floor, but I do like having them hung up to leave more floor space.” —Paris

Price: $10


A Versed gel cleanser that is perfect for the person whose philosophy is less is more when it comes to their skincare routine. There’s arguably nothing that feels better than clear skin and taking a simple approach to skincare can help move you along in your day.


Promising review: “Excellent basic cleanser. Doesn’t strip or over dry. Peppermint scent is very noticeable but feels refreshing and doesn’t irritate my skin.” —bocaruidosa

Price: $12.99


A magnetic knife holder for those of us who like to have our tools right where we can see them. It’s never been easier to manage clean-up when all you have to do is stick your stuff right to the wall.

The magnetic knife holder holding a set of four knives with black handles


Promising review: “This knife bar frees up a corner of our counter space, it’s a simple design, easy to install ( except that you have to take care to use a drill bit smaller than the 3/8” as instructed, but then any good handyman would have checked first), and very inexpensive.” —Firelion

Price: $16.99


A three-tier rolling rack because we could all use an extra bar cart, kitchen rack, and butcher block. Since this is all those items in one, it’s truly unbeatable and the best part is you won’t want to move all around your kitchen to get the job done.

The three-tier rolling cart holding liquor and being used as a bar cart in a kitchen


Promising review: “I’m in love with my new kitchen cart. It was not only easy to put together but is sleek, good quality, and takes up less space than my other bulky cart but has more storage! Highly recommend!!” —Samantha W.

Price: $69.99


A plastic cereal bowl so you can make the most of your breakfast. Its cute and simple design will help declutter your mind in the morning and will present your food in a way that will make it difficult not to devour.

The cereal bowl in coral holding Cheerios with raspberries and blueberries


Promising review: “The orange color is muted and beautiful! We have been using them for a few weeks and they are holding up great for constant use. Awesome purchase!” —Island_life1

Price: $0.50 (available in two colors)


A handheld label maker, because as we get older we only acquire more things that need organization. It’s a great way to make your office super efficient and will definitely bring some order to your life.

The handheld label maker


Promising review: “Thank you for the fast shipping and good packaging. You beat everyone’s price I could find by $10. Great job. Totally recommended 100%.” —MISTY TIDWELL

Price: $17.89


An Alexa Smart Home Hub for folks who like to get an answer on the spot. You can ask Alexa questions, set timers, and check the time all while keeping your hands free to work, cook, or do other tasks around the house.

The Smart Hub in white next to a pair of glasses on a bedside table


Promising review: “It is very nice-looking and fits well with my decor. When I took it out it was a little hard to set up but when I got it set up I loved it. This one is way better than the flat ones and an extra bonus is the clock. Love it!” —TinaR

Price: $59.99 (available in two colors)


A discreet wastebasket because there’s always stuff to throw away and decluttering is essential for creating mental space. For this low of a price, you could even replace your garbage bin every week, but it’s so well-made it won’t come to that.

The wastebasket in white full of crumpled paper


Promising review: “I needed a small trashcan for my son’s nursery. This is a great size and matches the nursery well. You also can’t beat the price. It feels like good quality and I am very happy.” —crazyhallie

Price: $2


A handheld vacuum sealer so you won’t have to worry about any products in your fridge spoiling. Make re-sealing packages of bacon, veggies, and other essentials super easy and help keep them as fresh as possible so you won’t waste time or money running to the store to replenish your supply.

The handheld vacuum sealer in black


Promising review: “Size is nice. Make sure you have the right bags for the machine and plenty of them.” —helpful

Price: $24.99


A Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee machine that will make your mornings way more productive. An incredibly efficient coffee maker is definitely worth the bucks since it makes full cups *andespresso all in one.

The Nespresso machine


Promising review: “I bought this for my husband but I was leery. I love our stove op espresso maker and didn’t think I’d use the Nespresso often, or be able to find a coffee that would measure up. It came with a sample pack that we tried out, and we have found a few different coffee and espresso-based pods that we keep on hand. I love the ease of making a quick cup when I’m on my way out the door and forgot (or was too lazy) to prep our stovetop coffee the night before. the machine is easy to use, easy to refill, easy to empty of used pods. Nespresso, you’ve won me over!” —Zlane

Price: $179.99


An 8-quart InstantPot for the person who loves to meal prep ahead of the week. It’ll make weekday eating so much faster and tastier. It has tons of different settings so you can experiment with new recipes, cuisines, and flavors!

The eight quart instant pot next to a full chicken


Promising review: “This is the best addition to my kitchen. Definitely worth the price. I’m working all day every day and sometimes I don’t want to stand up over the stove for a long time to cook. With this, it shortens the time it takes to cook things and saves you the hassle of a million dishes.” —JR

Price: $199.99


A stainless-steel storage container because we all need a place to keep your kitchen tools and this one is as good as any. You’ll be reaching in here all the time for your wooden spoons and spatulas and its clean design looks nice, too.

The stainless steel storage container in black holding a rubber spatula, slotted spoon, and wooden spatula


Promising review: “Had no idea it was able to spin around — a cute little feature! Also has an almost nonskid bottom but doesn’t go flying across the counter. Decent size to hold lots of utensils!” —Kuki

Price: $10 (also available in white)


A car dashboard and windshield mount so you won’t have to go fumbling for your phone just to figure out where you’re going. Checking your phone while driving can be super unsafe and this quick fix to that problem seems well worth the purchase.

The car dashboard and windshield mount in black holding a phone using GPS


Promising review: “I attached mine to my windshield, and it has stuck SO well. I am truly appreciative for it! It even comes with a backup sticky if it should ever lose its stickiness.” —mel

Price: $29.99


A rope basket that will make keeping blankets, magazines, and other stray household items organized and off the furniture. Having a place to put things really makes a world of difference in simplifying your routine.

The cream rope basket which has leather handles holding a blanket and magazine


Promising review: “I bought two of these to go on my new bookshelf to hold toys so they are out of the way. They are a good size and yet still fit well together on the shelf. So soft and the handles make it seem luxurious.” —mrsmollyk

Price: $16


And a pair of Bose QuietComfort bluetooth headphones for the person who could use a little peace and quiet. It makes WFH so much easier to have noise-canceling headphones, especially if you live with other people and really like to focus in and be as productive as possible during the work day.

The Bose QuietComfort bluetooth headphones in black


Promising review: “We all know Bose has the best! Love my headphones. I’ve had them for a few year now and they are still in perfect performing condition. Highly recommend!” —RJV

Price: $299.99 (available in two colors)


A coiled rope storage bin because it’s truly the MVP of any entryway game. It’s a great place to keep your phone, keys, wallet, sanitizer, masks, and so much more so you won’t be stuck looking for them when you’re in a time crunch.

The coiled rope storage bin holding maps and a bottle of water in an entry way


Promising review: “I’m so in love with this basket !! It holds three huge bath towels and it looks so cute in my bathroom. I want to get the big basket now for clothes! I loved this collection, I bought the other two small baskets and it just brings the whole bathroom together. Quality is amazing!” —Janet

Price: $10+ (available in four sizes)


A Ninja foodie two-in-one air fryer so you can have every treat under the sun available at your fingertips. Whether you’re a vegetarian or can’t get enough of fried wings, this item is a great investment for mealtime in a flash.

Person air frying chicken in one basket and brussel sprouts in the other


Promising review: “This has been so convenient! I would recommend starting off with simple food to get used to it. Use the manual for time guidance, if you cook any type of chicken or different meats always pause to turn it, and shake it up for fries or veggies.” —AAA

Price: $179.99


An iRobot Roomba that has seriously been a lifesaver for me in quarantine. Don’t have time to sweep every day? This super-efficient robot vacuum does the trick and takes one thing off your to-do list.

The iRobot Roomba in black and gray on a hardwood floor


Promising review: “Oooommmmggg seriously the best our purchase I have made at Target —this should say something coming from Minnesota ( the home of Target)! —vickiraerarw

Price: $475.99


A multi stripe rope storage bin for those of us who are constantly trying to be better about keeping things tidy around the house. It’s great for organizing toys, books, and blankets so your house can feel less cluttered.

The multi-stripe rope storage bin holding children's toys


Promising review: “Loved this basket! Perfect for my babies’ bows!” —BabyGC

Price: $10 (available in four sizes)


A bamboo drying rack because if you aren’t one of the fortunate few who have a dishwasher, this will be a total game-changer. It makes cleaning up after yourself super simple and incentivizing when you don’t have to be on drying duty.

The bamboo drying rack


Promising review: “I enjoy the look of this over a traditional drying rack. I don’t think it is flimsy. We have it loaded up and it holds everything just fine. Hoping it holds up over time!” —B Tatro

Price: $20


A leather office chair that will make WFH feel so much more luxurious. If you’ve been crouched over the computer working from the couch since last March, this is for you. It will definitely aid productivity and make you feel like a real person, which is always great.

The leather office chair on a yellow backdrop


Promising review: “I first bought this chair a couple of months ago. I use it every day for nine hours a day and it’s great. In fact, my 10-year-old daughter liked it more than the chair I bought her for her desk so I gave her this one and bought this chair again. It’s quick and easy to put together.” —Lisa

Price: $80


A one-step hair dryer and volumizer because what’s hair without volume? This revolutionary item has two-in-one capabilities so you’ll be glad that you’re getting the most for the product and the price. Plus, you rock the style for days cutting down on precious time in the morning before you set out on a busy day.

Person blowing their hair out with the volumizer


Promising review: “I have thick, wavy, and frizzy hair so these types of products usually don’t work on my hair but surprisingly, this product works wonders on my hair! I’ll never have to pay for another blowout again. I recommend letting your hair partially air dry before using it.” —DogMami93

Price: $59.99 (available in two colors)


An artificial eucalyptus plant in a white pot that will bring a little (faux) life to any living room. If you love plants, but don’t want to waste time or money on flowers from the store every week, this is a simple solution that will make your house feel super put-together.

The artificial eucalyptus plant in a white pot


Promising review: “This fake plant is super cute and looks good on a shelf or on the counter, or even in a bathroom. It doesn’t look too fake.” —Morgan

Price: $4.99


A USB desk light because no one likes to work in the dark. It has a charging port and a touch light dimmer so that you can work with your preferred lighting. It will make the end of your work days feel way less tiring to have soft lighting supporting you.

The USB desk light in black


Promising review: “I really like this desk lamp plus it has a USB port. Outstanding.” —Ax

Price: $79.99

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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