31 Things From Target That’ll Make Decluttering Your Home So Much Easier

31 Things From Target That’ll Make Decluttering Your Home So Much Easier

Make your dreaded spring cleaning *funand easy.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A pastel document holder set to make organization fun. The gold borders and soft colors will elevate your desk game, for sure.

Three document folders in pastel blue and pink. They all have gold trim and snap closures.


Promising review: “Best $5 I’ve ever spent! These are so cute and so useful. I bought them to hold my daughter’s art, certificates and important documents. I will definitely be repurchasing! (They hold construction paper perfectly.)” –Target Reviewer

Price: $4.99


A bamboo stackable shelf that will keep your kitchen looking trendy and polished. The neutral color will help it blend in with any existing decor without compromising on style or quality.

The bamboo shelf


Promising review: “I purchased two of these shelves to use in our new bathroom vanity cabinet. Worked perfectly! I can see them working well in numerous other ways such as in closets, pantry, craft room, etc. They also add a nice element of style. Both were easy to assemble and had no defects.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $13


A hair tool organizer made out of Acacia wood to add a little spice to your bathroom countertop. There are even magnets that help hold your metallic accessories!

The natural brown organizer with three metal holes for hair tools on top and three open slots for storage that extend from the bottom


Promising review: “Got this as a wedding gift and can’t say enough about it. We have a very small bathroom with no vanity for storage. This fits perfectly on top of our stand. Holds my straightener and my hairdryer perfectly. I use the front small spaces for ponytail holders and my husband’s beard products! Beautiful wood that hasn’t warped due to moisture.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $30


A sturdy cube organizer that can hold your larger household items. Each cube shelf can hold up to 30 pounds!

The light brown organizer filled with pictures, pottery, books and a speaker


Promising review: “Great size for my child’s room to store books and toys. Very stylish and sturdy and will be able to grow with him as he gets older!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $70 (available in four colors)


A storage tower to help streamline your closet without breaking the bank. The deep fabric pockets can hold clothing, cleaning, or DIY project supplies.

The wire organizer with four grey fabric bins vertically stacked



A lid organizer that will undoubtedly change your relationship with plastic containers. Plus, it’s created by a woman-owned brand. Win-win!

Blue small to medium plastic lids in the white plastic organizer


Promising review: “I like that you have dividers that come with this and you can make slots narrow or wider. Has really made the cupboard very nicely organized!!!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $12.99


A clear makeup organizer to show off all your staples and impulse buys. It’ll add a sophisticated feel to your getting-ready routine.

The acrylic organizer with gold edges on top and


Promising review: “Small but big enough for the small number of products I use. It will fit my smaller-sized palettes and it’s easy enough to store the larger palettes next to it. Love the look of it. Makes me feel really good about the space I have.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $13 (part of a set)


A wooden shoe rack that will *finallyorganize all the clutter near your front door. Now you can stop kicking off your shoes in random places.

The brown shoe rack holding two pairs of leather boots on the bottom shelf


Promising review: “Great product! Fit exactly where I wanted it to and fits many shoes! Might buy more!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $32.95


A turntable beauty organizer that’s sure to leave your guests in awe. Made of clear plastic and with five compartments, your favorite products will nestle happily inside and easily be available with a quick spin.

The circular organizer with multiple open slots and a very slight purple sheen


Promising review: “Since the organizer both spins AND has 5 separate compartments, it keeps me from pulling everything out at once to look for one thing. It’s also very convenient since my bathroom doesn’t have much room!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $14


A hinged wooden vanity organizer – it mixes functionality and extravagance. You can place this atop your counter or into a drawer. Either way, you’ll finally be able to see your counter again!

The organizer with two levels connected by black metal pieces. The bottom level is larger than the top.


Promising review: “This organizer is perfect for the purpose I bought it. It’s compact enough to fit in my bathroom drawer, but yet still big enough to contain all of my products. It feels sturdy and well made. Great purchase and definitely recommend!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $30


A custom closet organization kit that will transform your wardrobe. This set adds 26 feet of shelving space and 12 feet of hanging space. Iconic.

The closet organizer


Promising review: “I stinking love this thing! We created an open concept closet and painted the interior of the closet the dark merlot accident color we stenciled the room in. I have so much more room we feel like we need to buy more clothes! No more switching out summer and winter wardrobes for us!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $149.99


A bead organizer tray to hold all your crafting needs. Carve out some time to organize all of the project supplies you’ve accumulated throughout this pandemic.

Multicolored beads filling the entire try and its small slots


Promising review: “I have bought over 12 of these in the last six months. I love them for all my bead storage. I cannot praise these enough!!! Best price on the internet!!!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $31.99


A set of airtight containers that will clean up your pantry and make your food accessible, fresh, *andstylish. To top it off, they’re made from BPA-free materials!

Three containers varying in size on top of a marble countertop


Promising review: “I’ve been redoing and organizing our pantry and this is my favorite buy! Absolutely love them and keep the food fresh for longer! 10/10 recommend!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $39.99


A smooth bar cart that will turn any home into a trendy spot. Use this cart to test out your latest TikTok creations!

The dark brown cart holding various breakfast and cocktail supplies


Promising review: “Beautiful color. It’s as it looks on the picture and a steady material.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $109.99


A rustic wooden monitor stand to make the WFH grind so much easier. BRB, we’re adding it to our cart right now.

The dark brown stand


Promising review: “Very high quality and good value. These look perfect on my desk and are the perfect height for my monitors. It was hard finding stands that are tall enough, and these are the perfect height.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $27.49


A fridge turntable that finally makes it easy to store all of your condiments in one place. Just think of how easy it is to transport to your table and serve guests!

The white turntable holding various condiments, sauces, a lemon and lime


Promising review: “Roomier than I anticipated! Turns easily, looks classy and eliminated the clutter as well as the frustration of trying to find random items in the fridge.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $14.99


An over-the-door organizer with 15, yes you heard us right, 15 pockets. You can store up to eight pairs of shoes and other accessories. Score.

The taupe organizer with clear plastic slots for items, holding three pairs of shoes, a purse and a notebook


Promising review: “Works great and is super functional. I like how it has a big pocket at the bottom, which is something you don’t find on a lot of other over-the-door organizers.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $10


A set of produce containers that will clear space in your fridge and prevent food waste. Channel your inner eco-warrior.

The large container holding a head of lettuce and a smaller container holding blueberries


Promising review: “These truly help fruit stay fresh and last longer. I filled one with strawberries but had a few that didn’t fit in. A few days later the strawberries that were just in an open bow in the fridge were all dried up and the ones in the Freshworks container were just like the day I bought them. I highly recommend them.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $14.99


A ladder shelf with three tiers full of space for cleaning essentials. Did we mention each level can hold up to 10 pounds?

The light brown wooden ladder with three white shelves



A jewelry stand that will show off all of your glorious finds. You’ll feel like royalty every time you reach for an accessory.

The stand in white with three levels of gold with various dainty necklaces hanging from it


Promising review: “I bought this to display jewelry on my dresser. I love how tall this stand is. It’s super chic looking and quite a statement piece, but it’s also very functional!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $20.49


An expandable storage shelf that fits right beneath your sink with a simple and effortless design. Say goodbye to overloaded cupboards!

The black metal shelf under a white porcelain sink


Promising review: “Absolutely loved it. Easy to set up, fits well and adds storage. I wasn’t using any space in the upper area of my cabinet before, so this is great. And it’s adjustable and fits around the pipes below the sink. Love it!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $30 (available in three colors)


A bathtub caddy to make your self-care routine legendary. Netflix, snacks, and bubbles? Sign us up.

The silver metal caddy  on top of a white tub


Promising review: “Such a perfect addition to my bathroom. I can now spend time reading or watching TV while relaxing in my bathtub. Holds enough space for snacks and drinks.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $25 (available in three colors)


A tie hanger that makes it easy to see all of your different designs without compromising on space. The organizer will keep your items wrinkle-free and ready.

The hanger resting on a black pole with a thick light wooden base with black wire slots


Promising review: “My husband is obsessed with this tie rack. I ended up surprising him with it. He took the time to really organize his ties on it, and the end result is amazing. I highly recommend this tie rack; and for the price point, you really cannot beat it!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $7


A set of four metal hangers to will keep your clothes off the floor and ready to be worn. Remember that shirt you bought online weeks ago that’s waiting on the bottom of your closet? This is your sign to hang it up!

One black metal hanger


Promising review: “If you love little black details like we do, you will not regret this purchase! These hangers are well made, sturdy yet dainty, and masculine all at the same time. Very happy!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $4


A corner shelf that will maximize space and cleanliness. Finally, something that won’t tip over or leave weird spaces on your counter.

The dark brown shelf with two levels


Promising review: “Super cute and perfect for the corner of my bathroom counter. Saves room and declutters the area for more space. Makes my counter look more clean and organized.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $13 (available in two colors)


A drink stacking set to keep your cans and bottles from rolling out of the fridge. Also, look how *satisfyingit is to see them organized!

five bottles and blue soda cans all stacked in separate piles


Promising review: “Works amazingly with the bottles we keep in the fridge! I like the simplicity of them and that they don’t take much room! Thanks!” –Target Reviewer

Price: $9.99


A pack of six closet organizer boxes made out of woven fabric. The clear window on the boxes makes it easy to see what you packed up and will need to take out for each season.

The grey material box is on a shelf in a closet


Promising review: “They are stackable. The reinforced bottom and top makes it super easy to organize our office area.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $39.99 (available in six colors)


A steel sink organizer that will make it easy to reach your sponge, brushes, and other essentials. This handy accessory will make you actually want to be on dish duty.

The sliver organizer holding two different sized dish brushes


Promising review: “Organizes the sink wonderfully. Helps the sponge drain and dry out.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $14.99


A heavy-duty plastic storage bin for all your extra stuff. The XL 72 quart box is sturdy and will hold the terrors and memories of 2020 safely in your attic or storage space. Let that ish go.

The clear plastic tub has a thick grey lid


Promising review: “Love how sturdy these totes and lids are! I have some other totes that are flimsy to carry. Also really love how the lid leaves room to put a few more things inside.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $11.99


A horizontal bookcase to make you feel like you’re living out your interior design dreams. The shelves are even adjustable so you can customize them to fit your space’s needs.

The dark brown wooden bookcase has 7 open slots holding baskets, books and other home decors


Promising review: “I love this bookcase! I love it so much that I have three of them in different colors and in different locations in my house.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $170 (available in six colors)


A wire basket that is sure to work well as storage and look beautiful while doing it. The copper handles make it easy to lift and carry the container anywhere you need.

The dark grey metal wire basket has two cooper handles


Promising review: “I bought this to put in our laundry room but it is so cute, I think I am going to find a use for it in our main bathroom and more. Very sturdy. Heavier than comparable items.” –Target Reviewer

Price: $13

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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