49ers’ George Kittle scores on trick play for 2nd TD vs. Cowboys

The 49ers went into their trick bag for the second touchdown of Sunday night’s big showdown with the Cowboys, and the score involved two of their multi-talented stars showing off their ball skills.

After a nice punt return by Ray-Ray McCloud, the 49ers had a short field to go, leading 7-0 early in the second quarter.

On the first play of the drive from the Dallas 38-yard line, Brock Purdy handed the ball off to Christian McCaffrey, who ran right and pitched it to Deebo Samuel. Then Samuel quickly pitched it to a right-rolling Purdy to complete the flea-flicker.

Purdy, with plenty of protection from the offensive linemen who had rolled right along with him, hit tight end George Kittle down the right sideline at the 20-yard line, and Kittle did the rest.

Kittle sold a block before breaking downfield and past the Cowboys’ defense. Jourdan Lewis rushed to catch up to Kittle for an unsuccessful attempt to punch the ball out of the tight end’s arms.

The score was Kittle’s second of the game after he entered the game with no touchdowns through the 49ers’ first four games (all wins). His first touchdown was a 19-yard catch on a deep cross on the 49ers’ first drive of the game.

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