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New structuring? In a surprising move within the animation industry, DreamWorks Animation (DWA) has announced the elimination of around 70 positions across various departments as part of a restructuring aimed at cutting costs. This news comes at a crucial time for the studio, as the long-awaited release of Trolls Band Together, the third installment of a franchise that has been a success at the box office. This drastic move has left many in the industry wondering about the future of DWA and how it will affect the studio.

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Why was this measure taken?

According to a DreamWorks Animation spokesperson, the job cuts were made as part of a broader strategy to control costs at the company. The eliminated positions were in a variety of departments, including corporate functions, functions, television and technology. This move, although painful for affected employees, seeks to ensure the studio’s financial sustainability in a highly competitive market.

The news of the restructuring comes at a critical time for DWA as it prepares to launch Trolls Band Together on November 17. The Trolls franchise, with its vibrant colors and catchy music, has become a major pillar in DreamWorks Animation’s catalog and has seen considerable success in its previous installments.

Official poster for Trolls Band Together (2023), DreamWorks Animation.
Official poster for Trolls Band Together (2023), DreamWorks Animation.

What is the success of Trolls?

Trolls – 70 positions have been eliminated from DreamWorks Animation | The USA Print74% made its debut in 2016 and turned out to be a huge success for DWA. With a combination of charming animation, catchy music, and voices from stars like Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, the film won the hearts of audiences of all ages. This led to a sequel, Trolls 2: World Tour – 62%, which was released in 2020, just when the pandemic began to affect the film industry. Despite the challenges, the film proved to be a surprising box office success, highlighting the strength of the Trolls franchise.

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Trolls Band Together, the title of the film that would complete the trilogy, faces pressure to maintain the success of its predecessors. The film will bring back its leads in their iconic roles and will feature N Sync’s first new song in more than two decades, adding an extra dose of anticipation for fans of the band.

Although the Trolls movies have been notable hits for DWA, the studio has had its ups and downs at the box office in recent years. Earlier this year, the film Krakens and Mermaids: Meet the Gillmans – 70%, which combines elements of comedy and adventure, failed to attract audiences in the same way as Trolls. The film grossed USD $44.7 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo (via The Hollywood Reporter), which raised concerns about DWA’s financial performance.

However, the year before, DWA enjoyed great success with Puss In Boots 2: The Last Wish – 70 positions have been eliminated from DreamWorks Animation | The USA Print97%, which grossed an impressive $481 million worldwide and was critically acclaimed, even being nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Animated Feature category. This success underscores the studio’s ability to produce films that resonate both at the box office and with critics.

In addition to its work in film, DreamWorks Animation has had considerable success in the world of television. The Serie Gabby’s Dollhouse, streaming on Netflix, has been well received and demonstrates the diversity of the studio’s projects. Not to mention his animated series like DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the EdgeTrollhunters or Kung Fu Panda: The Legend of Po.

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The launch of Trolls Band TogetherNovember 17th will be a pivotal moment for the studio, with all eyes on its box office and critical performance. Whatever the outcome, it’s clear that DWA will continue to be a major creator of animated entertainment in the film landscape. Ups and downs at the box office are a natural part of the film industry, and with a strong history of success, DreamWorks Animation has reason to remain confident in its future.

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