Actor Dave Coulier Talks Faith, Alcohol Abuse, New Pure Flix Series Live+Local

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Dave Coulier, the actor behind Full House and the new Pure Flix comedy Live+Local, is opening up about this faith, his struggle with alcohol abuse and his friendship with the late actor Bob Saget.

Coulier, 62, told Faithwire that he grew up in a large Catholic family in the suburbs of Detroit and met Saget – his co-star in Full House and Fuller House – when he was only 18. Both were performing at a club. They exchanged numbers and then re-connected when Coulier moved to Los Angeles. Saget let Coulier sleep on his couch.

Coulier played Joey Gladstone in Full House and Fuller House.

“Bob and I just became instant brothers, and then art imitates life,” Coulier told Faithwire. “I end up doing Full House with Bob. And Joey moves into [Saget’s character] Danny Tanner’s living room and sleeps on his couch.”

As Coulier grew older, though, he struggled with alcohol abuse.

“I always equate my faith to a fire that’s burning inside of you, and I almost extinguished that fire because of my abuse with alcohol,” he said.

His faith, he said, helped him survive a tragic 12 months when he lost not only his friend Bob Saget but also his father and his brother.

“The only thing I could think was, ‘Thank goodness I don’t have alcohol in my life that is extinguishing that fire which is my faith,’” Coulier said. “And I was able to feel those raw emotions, which I never would have felt had I been abusing alcohol – and I was in touch with myself spiritually.”

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He added, “So, for me, it was allowing that flame to ignite again and to find my spirituality, and it helped me through all of that.”

In Pure Flix’s Live+Local, Coulier plays Tommy, the host of a popular Christian radio morning program. His co-host is played by Emily Pendergast (Veep).

“It is very improvisational. It’s shot a lot like The Office,” he said.


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