All About Beats x Kim: Kim Kardashian’s Neutral Hued Earbud Collaboration

All About Beats x Kim: Kim Kardashian's Neutral Hued Earbud Collaboration thumbnail

Kim Kardashian’s signature minimalist aesthetic knows no bounds; from her solution-oriented brand Skims to her just-launched ritual-based skin-care line Sknn by Kim, Kardashian has found a way to simplify everyday necessities beautifully. And her latest minimally focused venture is available today, Tuesday, August 16—a collaboration with Beats Fit Pro on a trio of wireless earbuds, each hand-painted in Kardashian’s signature neutral color palette. Beats x Kim is meant to combine function and functionality—like a wardrobe staple that seamlessly blends into whatever you’re wearing. “This concept was born from my love for neutral color palettes, but I also wanted to show that tech is as much a part of style as clothes. I believe that the things we wear every day should feel effortless, including headphones,” she tells Vogue exclusively.

Courtesy of Beats

Courtesy of Beats

Kardashian has been a longtime Beats user and a proponent of Beats Fit Pro. “I’ve been a fan of the Beats brand forever, so I’m always up on their latest products. And because they know how important fitness is to me, I was one of the first people who got to try out Beats Fit Pro when they launched last year. They’re so comfortable that I’ll forget that I even have them in,” she continues.

To match her wardrobe of minimal basics like tees and tanks to bike shorts and leggings, she began to think about how she could find headphones that were similar in style.

Never not one to make her dreams a reality, Kardashian sourced an artist to hand paint a pair of headphones, and together, they created a sample set that would ultimately become her Beats x Kim collaboration. In a behind-the-design video for the brand, Kardashian recalls, “I found an artist that would paint the headphones and then I thought, why wouldn’t I just go directly to Beats and show them some of the samples that I was just for fun creating—they didn’t have a product like that out there before. I was just bringing my creative concept and my color palette to a brand that I’ve always respected and loved.” It comes to no surprise that the brand was immediately on board with Kardashian’s vision.

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Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds — Kim Okay Special Edition – Moon

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds — Kim Okay Special Edition – Dune

Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds — Kim Okay Special Edition – Earth

Kardashian’s reimagined Beats Fit Pro comes in three neutral colors: Moon (light), Dune (medium), and Earth (deep). Suited to those like Kardashian, who is always on the go, the Fit Pros are designed to seamlessly transition you through everyday activities from working out to a day at the office and everywhere in between. “Traditionally, most consumer electronics are in the default colors of black and white. But I wanted to incorporate universal neutrals that are core, as headphones truly are wearable tech accessories. This collection is really for people who appreciate a head-to-toe monochromatic or minimalist look,” Kardashian tells us. “I’ve been wearing them with pretty much everything because they fit into so many aspects of my day—leggings and joggers when I’m out running errands or loungewear when I’m studying. I could even style them with Skims; they’re that chic!”

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