An intro to Diip, the proudly Thai-based CBD brand that’s revamping the market

An intro to Diip, the proudly Thai-based CBD brand that’s revamping the market thumbnail

While the explosion of cannabis dispensaries across Bangkok and generally all of Thailand has been obvious (to say the least), a new Thai brand is focusing on an oft-overlooked product category: CBD supplements. Although the wider CBD industry within Thailand is still in its early days, Diip, a young, proudly Thai-based brand that specializes in creating unique CBD supplement products that are rigorously tested, is looking to expand the market.

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD (full name: cannabidiol), it’s a chemical found in marijuana that has been used for centuries to help treat various medical ailments. However, unlike other cannabis products, CBD doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. Today, you can find a number of CBD products on the international market, from pillows made from CBD-infused fabrics to bath bombs and even dog treats.

Diip, however, offers a variety of CBD supplement products. The founders, a group of friends who already shared a passion for natural wellness products including CBD, explains, “The philosophy behind the Diip brand is centered on providing high-quality, natural CBD products that are accessible and affordable to everyone.” The name “Diip” itself is a play on the word “deep” in order to reflect the brand’s “commitment to promoting wellness from a deep, holistic perspective.”

You know how some restaurants follow a farm-to-table method? Well, similarly, all of Diip’s products are the result of a closely-monitored farm-to-store process. First, their raw materials are organically grown on their farm in Khao Yai; fun fact — according to Diip’s founders, Thailand actually has a unique climate and soil composition that makes it an ideal location for growing high-quality hemp. Afterwards, the plants are transported to their GMP-certified (GMP is an officially recognized certification that stands for Good Manufacturing Practices) hemp extraction facility that has also been approved by the Ministry of Public Health. At the facility, the CBD is extracted through a cryo-ethanol process that dispels any harmful solvents and contaminants – and results in a THC-free product in the end. The dosage of active ingredients in their products are also precisely measured, and all of the items are lab-tested both internally and by a third-party company.

Currently, Diip offers oils available in the traditional oil dropper bottle, in small sachets, or as “day” and “night” capsules. The Diip team is excited about continuing to bring innovative, affordable, and high-quality CBD products to customers across the country, and have the ambitious goal of launching a new product every month.

More information about Diip, including how to buy their products online as well as stores that carry their items, can be found on their website.

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