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It’s been months since the little excitement that the public had for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom came to an end, and the poor premieres of The Flash – 60% and Blue Beetle – 74%, which although it did please the public, did not achieve good box office, made it clear that the chaos within Warner Bros. Discovery has not disappeared at all. The sequel now feels like a filler story that won’t be of much use in the face of the renewal of the DCU and perhaps the only thing that still interested some fans was the possible cameo of Ben Affleck as Batman, but which now James Wan seems to completely rule out .

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When Zack Snyder left the production company, or was fired depending on who spoke about it, several pieces of news directly impacted the DC universe, since the franchise did not seem to have the possibility of standing on its own, much less when Marvel had a great advantage among critics and the public. public. The figure of Walter Hamada It did not help at all to clear up doubts and rather was used as a punching bag to receive criticism about the adaptations of these superheroes, such as supporting the production of Batman – Aquaman 2: James Wan confirms that Ben Affleck's cameo as Batman is no longer part of the final cut | The USA Print85% or boost the development of batgirl.

Among all the chaos, it seemed that Wonder Woman – Aquaman 2: James Wan confirms that Ben Affleck's cameo as Batman is no longer part of the final cut | The USA Print92% and Aquaman – 73% were a small ray of hope that they could use to keep fans close and justify the creation of other solo films for these heroes. The problem was that Wonder Woman 1984 – Aquaman 2: James Wan confirms that Ben Affleck's cameo as Batman is no longer part of the final cut | The USA Print76% divided the audience a lot, while the sequel to the king of Atlantis was part of the crisis between changes of power, reshoots that took a long time, and different final cuts that didn’t seem to work.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom poster (Credit: IMDb)
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom poster (Credit: IMDb)

Ben Affleck’s cameo as Batman in Aquaman 2 was appreciated by fans

In an attempt to capture the attention of those who were already moving away, Jason Momoa published some photos with Ben Affleck where it was confirmed that the actor would return as Batman for the sequel, which caused comments of all kinds. Some were happy to have him back even if it was only once, others claimed that this confirmed that he would continue to be part of the franchise despite everything, and a few more suspected that this would not end well because it did not make much sense in terms of canon, in terms of canon. special because at that time they were still looking to use Michael Keaton’s version for other installments.

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But as has happened for years with DC adaptations, the excitement was short-lived, as news soon arrived about reshoots and changes in release dates and a lot of other rumors that came in waves with the purchase of Discovery and the new place of David Zaslav as head of the company. Between cancellations and emergency decisions to try to save the unsalvageable, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom changed its release date to after The Flash and to serve as the closing of the year and of an entire stage, since the next film of the brand that we will see on the big screen must be Superman: Legacy by James Gunn that will open his new DCU.

James Wan confirms that Batman’s cameo is not in the final cut of Aquaman 2

When it premiered The FlashAffleck assured that it would be the last time we would see him as Batman, but some were hoping that his cameo in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom remained intact despite everything. Well, it’s time to forget that because Wan himself seems to confirm what everyone already suspected. In interview with Empire Magazine (via Screen Rant), the director was asked about the cameo and he responded:

Probably not. All I’ll say is that those scenes were just to have something in reserve in case we needed to explain continuity if we went out first. But in the end ‘Lost Kingdom’ was released after ‘The Flash’.

At the end of The Flash, a small alteration in the past causes a major change in the main line, where it turns out that George Clooney is Batman. Of course, this nod was more to poke fun at the actor’s complicated legacy in the role while making it clear that neither Affleck nor Keaton would return as the billionaire. In a post-credits scene, Barry Allen talks to Aquaman to clarify for clueless viewers that some things haven’t changed, confirming that the Sea King sequel takes place later, not that it matters much since Momoa is said to be ready. to take another role in Gunn’s DCU and Warner Bros. Discovery has not made even the slightest effort to promote it.

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