Aussie construction worker becomes viral sensation after sleeping the day away at a barbershop

Footage of a hardworking Australian construction worker fast asleep in a barbershop chair has gone viral.

Regular customer Billy was getting a haircut at Barber Industries in Kotara Westfield, Australia on Wednesday when he had a much-needed nap.

Barber Jordan Magasiva told Yahoo News that Billy was jovial when he arrived for the hair and beard trim but started to nod off after working hard that day.

Noticing he was tired, barber Jess put a headrest behind Billy’s head, reclined his seat and continued the hair cut which took about 30 minutes.

It wasn’t long before Billy was lights out.

It must have been a long day, because Billy entered a deep sleep from about 3 pm and loudly snored with his mouth open.

Video posted to TikTok showed Billy slept for about three hours, while business continued as usual around him, with kids and families arriving for a shearing.

After a haircut, the construction worker dozed off in the barber shop. TikTok / @jordan.topboy.blends

Staff looked after him, and put a towel over his head as an eye cover to keep him comfortable.

It wasn’t until nearly 6pm that Billy woke up, looking a bit sheepish, although well rested.

“What time is it?” he quickly asked staff.

He waved to the staff and headed off.

The barber let the tired construction worker sleep for as long as he needed. TikTok / @jordan.topboy.blends

The situation has grabbed plenty of attention online, racking up more than 7.6 million views on social media.

“Now he’s gotta pay for parking to just to get out,” one person said, referencing Westfield’s policy of charging people after three hours.

“When he woke up he couldn’t believe it, 38 missed calls and a parking ticket,” Mr. Magasiva replied.

The worker woke up to 38 missed calls and a parking ticket. TikTok / @jordan.topboy.blends

Other gave a shoutout to Australia’s hardworking tradies.

“Blue collar workers are very much underappreciated,” one person opined.

Mr. Magasiva told the Daily Mail it was fairly common for people to fall asleep during haircuts, and that how staff reacted depended on the situation.

He added he was happy with the response to his viral video.

“One thing I really liked about the response is people were really relating to it and people were like, we are all human.

“We all work hard. We all get tired.”

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