Billie Eilish Has Started Working on Her Next Album

Billie Eilish Has Started Working on Her Next Album thumbnail

Pop star revealed that she and her brother/collaborator Finneas just began the process of making the follow-up to Happier Than Ever

Jon Blistein
Nov 30, 2022

Finneas and Billie Eilish performing together in Germany. ANDREAS RENTZ/GETTY IMAGES

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas have begun work on a new album, the pop star revealed in a new video interview with Vanity Fair

Asked if she’s been seeing much of her brother/key collaborator lately, Eilish said, “We see each other all the time, and also now, we’re starting to make music again. We just started the process of making an album, which is really exciting.”

Eilish didn’t share any specific details about the sessions or the kind of music they were working on but noted how great it was that music gave the siblings time to be together. “Now we have specific days where we see each other, which is really nice because, you know, you get caught up in life. I’m hanging out with my brother a lot, actually. It’s my buddy!”

Eilish released her most recent album, Happier Than Ever, back in 2021, and she spent the first chunk of this year touring the world in support of the LP. But Eilish hasn’t left fans bereft of new music since then: Back in July, she dropped the Guitar Songs EP, which contained two new tracks (“TV” and “The 30th”), while she and Finneas also crafted the music for 4*Town the fictional boyband in the Pixar movie Turning Red

As for Finneas, he released his own debut solo album, Optimist, back in 2021. This year, he helmed the soundtrack for B.J. Novak’s film Vengeance and released a handful of new tracks, like “Hate to Be Lame” and “Naked.” Late in October, he revealed that he broke his collarbone and fractured his right album after an electric bike crash but was recovering well after surgery.

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From Rolling Stone US.

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