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Block out the noise on your morning run with these AirPods Pro earbuds, now $80 off at Amazon

Block out the noise on your morning run with these AirPods Pro earbuds, now $80 off at Amazon thumbnail

Airpods Pro (Gen 1) earbuds

(Image credit: Apple)

If you’re looking to block out distractions to help focus on your work, or are looking for a pair of the best running earphones, then the AirPods Pro are a great option.

Apple’s earbuds may have been succeeded by a second generation, but the first generation remains an excellent product in 2022, and is available at a discount at many retailers.

Amazon is offering the AirPods Pro first generation, with Magsafe charging case, for just $169.99 (opens in new tab) – a saving of $80 off of the MSRP. That’s a pretty great running headphone deal if you’re an Apple fan.

While the AirPods Pro can connect to Android devices, Apple devices will naturally get to enjoy a whole host of benefits – like instant pairing, and syncing between iPhones, iPads, and Mac.

Audio quality is excellent, and the “Pro” feature that’s not found on the base AirPods is noise cancellation. By squeezing the stems, you can move between noise-cancelling mode to focus on your audio, or transparency mode. The latter is great for hearing your surroundings while out walking.

Spatial audio allows for head-tracking surround sound, too, which is ideal for watching movies or TV shows. Each earbud offers 4.5 hours of audio playback, and when placed in the case you can get 24 hours. The case charges via Lightning port (the same as your iPhone), or via wireless charging.

New and returning customers can also claim Apple Music and Apple News+ for up to four months, as well as three months of Apple TV+, which is ideal for testing out the AirPods Pro. A two-year AppleCare+ membership can be added for $29.

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User reviews are very positive, with a 4.7-star rating out of 5 (opens in new tab) and plenty of compliments about the audio quality and excellent noise cancellation options. While you can use them for running (they’re sweat resistant), it’s worth noting they aren’t entirely sweatproof – so marathon runners may want to look elsewhere. Still, it’s a great deal on earphones that’ll be perfect for exercises in short bursts. 

Lloyd Coombes freelance tech and fitness writer for Live Science. He’s an expert in all things Apple as well as in computer and gaming tech, with previous works published on TopTenReviews,, and TechRadar. You’ll find him regularly testing the latest MacBook or iPhone, but he spends most of his time writing about video games at He also covers board games and virtual reality, just to round out the nerdy pursuits.

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