Bollywood superstar finalized to play Saurav Ganguly in his biopic?

Bollywood superstar finalized to play Saurav Ganguly in his biopic? thumbnail

Cricket fans will be thrilled to learn that Sourav Ganguly’s long-awaited biography is on the way. The famed cricketer recently revealed that production on his film is already beginning.

A few years ago the former cricketer shared that his biopic will be made and the deal has been sealed and now it is confirmed that the script of the biopic is almost done. “Yes, I have agreed to the biopic. It will be in Hindi but it is not possible to say the name of the director now. It will take a few more days for arranging everything”, Ganguly shared.

Sourav even confirmed the same around two years back, when he tweeted that “Cricket has been my life, it gave confidence and ability to walk forward with my head held high, a journey to be cherished. Thrilled that Luv Films will produce a biopic on my journey and bring it to life for the big screen.”

Recently Sourav shared that he will soon be in Mumbai for many weeks to finalise the script, that incidentally he is writing himself. He also added that due to multiple factors, work on the same has been slow, but is now picking up pace and will be completed soon.

While there is no confirmation on who will play the celebrated cricketer on screen, it was earlier reported that Sourav had expressed interest in Ranbir Kapoor for the part. But Saurav said, “No final decision has been taken. I hope we can share something positive after the meeting.”

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