Brown Thomas to cancel orders of customers who bagged bargains due to ‘pricing error’

Brown Thomas to cancel orders of customers who bagged bargains due to 'pricing error' thumbnail

Brown Thomas has said it will cancel orders made this morning which resulted in customers paying significantly less for designer products due to a “pricing error”. 

Among the items mistakenly discounted on the Brown Thomas website this morning were Veja trainers, which were on sale for just €10. The trainers are now back to their usual price on the site, between €120 and €170.

Brown Thomas has since confirmed this was a “pricing error,” leaving many customers angry and demanding the retailer burden the cost of their mistake. 

Veja sneakers were reduced to just €10 in the 'pricing error'
Veja sneakers were reduced to just €10 in the ‘pricing error’

In a statement issued on social media on Wednesday, Brown Thomas said “orders sold at an incorrect price will be cancelled as per our terms and conditions”.

The retailer added it is “investigating” the technical issue.

A number of customers commented under the post asking that the sales be “honoured” as the amount had already been debited from their accounts and confirmation emails had been sent. 

Others pointed out that beauty brand Glossier honoured sales made after they experienced a similar technical glitch last year which resulted in customers bagging 50% off the recommended retail price on their website.

In a statement to the Irish Examiner, Brown Thomas added it will be offering discount vouchers to affected customers.

“This morning, Brown Thomas experienced a technical error on our website which resulted in a large number of items unavailable items being offered for sale, at incorrect prices. This issue is now rectified. 

We deeply regret this situation and apologise to all affected customers.

“These orders will be cancelled as per our terms and conditions. Impacted customers will receive a cancellation notification from Brown Thomas in the coming days as these orders cannot be fulfilled. 

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“We are working to identify all incorrect orders so that refunds can be processed as quickly as possible. 

“Those customers impacted will also be offered compensation in the form of a 20% discount off their next purchase online with Brown Thomas.”

While the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) does not comment on individual cases, it has advised that when a consumer purchases a product, the consumer enters into a contract with a trader. 

However, if the trader made “a genuine error” and displayed a price incorrectly, “then the contract may be set aside”. 

In practice, this means that the consumer is not entitled to enforce the sale price that was displayed in error.

If a consumer is unhappy with how the matter was handled, they can submit a formal written complaint to the business outlining their dissatisfaction and how they would like the issue to be resolved. 

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