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Last month, the Saratoga Library celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 2003 renovations. Though the library has a very long history—the first Saratoga Library was opened in 1914 in the drugstore of George S. Buckley at 14413 Big Basin Way near Blaney Plaza—the renovation of the current building had important significance to our community.

The improvements included renovations as well as an expansion, increasing the total building size to roughly 48,000 square feet. This allowed for an expansion of Saratoga Library’s collection and provided the amenities needed for the facility to transition into the digital era. The original space was constructed well before personal computers were the norm, preventing the building from keeping pace with advances in technology.

Most impressive of all was the community support for the improvements to the Saratoga Library. The renovation was funded through a general obligation bond, which was overwhelmingly approved by Saratoga voters in March 2000 with the passage of Measure N. Roughly 78 percent of voters supported the bond and before ballots were cast, hundreds of residents expressed their support for improving the Saratoga Library facility to the city council.

Since completion of the renovations, the Saratoga Library has cemented its place as a hub for our community through its impressive collection and diverse array of resources and services. For example, Saratoga Library hosts book clubs in several languages and for a variety of interests, as well as bridge drop-in sessions, story times for children of all ages and even ukulele jam sessions.

This month, the works of local artists are on display, including work from Saratoga High School senior Hayoon Lee, who seeks to use her painted landscapes of California to provide a moment of respite and nature therapy.

If you need to see the great outdoors for yourself, you can use your library card to borrow a free California State Park pass for up to three weeks. The pass is valid at more than 200 California state parks. The Saratoga Library also offers a remarkable array of online and digital services, such as access to The New York Times as well as other publications and magazines, Rosetta Stone, eBooks and audiobooks, learning and test preparation resources and movie, television and music streaming services.

Visit to explore the Saratoga Library collection, services, and programs.

These outstanding services are made possible in part due to the support of the Friends of the Saratoga Libraries. Each year, the Friends provide a grant of $150,000 to the Saratoga Library to fund programs, enrich the book collection and offer extended hours. The Friends of the Saratoga Libraries is an all-volunteer organization that operates the Book-Go-Round bookstore in Saratoga Village. All proceeds from book sales benefit Saratoga Library, so be sure to stop by the Book-Go-Round for a great deal, to become a member of the Friends of the Saratoga Libraries and explore volunteer opportunities to support the efforts of the Friends. Learn more at


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