Chairman Robin Zeng: CATL Is Developing Condensed Matter Batteries

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Robin Zeng, Chairman of Chinese battery giant CATL, revealed on Saturday at the Chongqing International Auto Exhibition that in addition to all-solid-state batteries and semi-solid-state batteries, previously unheard-of condensed matter batteries are now under development at CATL.

Zeng said that the innovation of power battery chemical systems, structures and manufacturing, together with new business models, can promote the development of new energy vehicle industry.

There is not much information about condensed matter batteries, which may be a unique battery name for CATL. It is worth mentioning that, according to relevant individuals at CATL, the company will hold at least four launch events in 2022 to introduce its innovations in business models, battery structures and chemical systems. According to the plan, the company may announce innovation regarding battery chemical systems.

CATL has been making progress in the R&D of batteries. It released the latest CTP 3.0 Kirin battery last week, which has reached a global high in system integration, with a volume utilization rate of 72% and an energy density of 255Wh/kg, far exceeding Tesla’s 4680 battery, and it can achieve a 1000 km battery life for vehicles. The new battery will be mass-produced and released next year.

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After the launch event of the Kirin battery, it has been confirmed that Li Auto, Hozon Auto, Lotus and Avatr will adopt it in their vehicle models.

CATL has occupied the top position in global power battery shipments for many years. In 2021, the global market share benefiting from overseas customers reached 32.6%. In 2022, the global market share reached 35.0% in the first quarter, further widening the gap with enterprises following behind.

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