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If it’s about sports and there’s a China angle, we’ll talk about it in the China Sports Insider Podcast. Mark Dreyer is the China Sports Insider. He’s worked for Sky Sports, Fox Sports, AP Sports and many others, and has covered major sporting events on five continents, including three Olympic Games 2008-12. He has been based in China since 2007. Produced and hosted by Haig Balian, a journalist and filmmaker who hosts and produces The Beijing Sessions podcast.

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China Sports Insider Podcast

Peng Shuai latest, Olympic boycott threats and esports reach a new level in China

On the show this week, the Peng Shuai story goes international in a big way (3: 10), the financial consequences of sports leagues leaving China (5: 11)…

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Mark Dreyer

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China Sports Insider Podcast

China just might come out on top in Tokyo, Su Bingtian’s incredible sprint, Rule 50 put to the test, and much more.

All week long we’ve been saying that the USA will top the official standings. Now we’re not so sure. Su Bingtian  came out of nowhere…

Mark Dreyer

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