Chinese Q&A Site Zhihu Summoned by Beijing Cyberspace Regulator

Chinese Q&A Site Zhihu Summoned by Beijing Cyberspace Regulator thumbnail
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The Beijing Internet Information Office recently summoned Chinese Q&A site Zhihu for the repeated display of prohibited information and content on the platform that violate the laws and regulations of the country.

The regulator filed an administrative penalty case for the illegal acts of Zhihu. Authorities stressed that the platform should earnestly fulfill its main responsibility, improve the network information security management system, and not provide a dissemination platform for illegal information.

Zhihu responded on Monday that it sincerely accepts the criticism from the authorities and would resolutely implement the rectification requirements, including improving the information release audit, public information inspection and emergency response.

At present, Zhihu has turned off the comments function on its platform. Users can use the “Approve and Recommend” function to participate in the interaction.

In recent years, Q&A platforms have been losing theiroriginal aim due to commercial exploitation, which has often led to violations of the law.

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Not long ago, Beijing authorities fined Chinese social media Douban’s operating entity 1.5 million yuan ($235,000). From January to November, 2021, Beijing authorities imposed 20 separate penalties on Douban, totaling 9 million yuan.

China’s cyberspace regulator recently summoned Chinese Twitter-like company, Sina Weibo, for talks concerning the repeated display of prohibited information and content on its platform that violated the laws and regulations of the country.

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