Chula Vista upgrades more than 400 meters downtown


CHULA VISTA, Calif. — More than 430 parking meters throughout downtown Chula Vista just got an upgrade.

Locals and people visiting may be used to hunting around for change, as the old meters in the area only accepted coins, causing the occasional headache.

“Had to go in and break a dollar bill and you know it was a hassle,” Keola Tolentino said.

The new M5 SingleSpace Smart Meters are located along many of the streets of the City’s Downtown Parking District, where the city says businesses will be receiving flyers to hand out to customers about the new system.

Some people FOX 5 spoke to actually liked the old school way of doing things.

“I’m glad they’re still taking coins,” George Romero said.

The new meters do still accept coins, but you can now also use credit or debit cards, even contactless options like Apple Pay.

“I use Apple Pay a lot. I think it’s so much easier, so I do think that’s going to be helpful for sure,” David Lopez said.

The city of Chula Vista tells FOX 5 the new meters were mainly added to make things more convenient. Keeping with that theme, people can also use the IPS Park Smarter app to pay, find available parking spaces and get alerts about how much time is left on their meter.


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