CLOT Gives McDonald’s A Streetwear Makeover In China

CLOT Gives McDonald’s A Streetwear Makeover In China thumbnail


CLOT has released its first collaboration with McDonald’s China, in celebration of the streetwear brand’s 20th anniversary. The CLOT x McSpicy collection encompass a range of products such as hoodies, tote bags, and water bottles themed around McDonald’s signature McSpicy series.

On March 16, the Asia-exclusive capsule launched at over 5,000 McDonald’s outlets across mainland China and on the fast-food chain’s WeChat Mini Program and Tmall. Aside from apparel, which includes restaurant uniforms that will be worn by staff at select McDonald’s locations, customers can receive burger wrappers, tray mats, cups, and takeaway bags featuring CLOT’s iconic Silk Royale pattern.

McDonald’s burger wrappers, tray mats, cups, and takeaway bags incorporate CLOT’s iconic Silk Royale pattern. Photo: CLOT

Netizens’ Reaction

The collaboration generated significant buzz on social media, given the two parties’ popularity among China’s young demographics. So far, the crossover has been well-received by both McDonald’s and CLOT fans, and the products are in high demand at physical pop-up shops and online. The signature hoodie featuring a McSpicy sandwich has recorded over 8,000 sales on McDonald’s Tmall flagship store within three days.

The signature hoodie of the CLOT x McSpicy capsule features a McSpicy sandwich. Photo: CLOT

On Xiaohongshu, the hashtag “McDonald’s x CLOT” received nearly 1 million views as of March 17. Organic posts of the food packaging and pop-up shops have created a sense of exclusivity around the drops. This, in turn, has driven demand and helped to increase foot traffic to McDonald’s locations in China.


Collaborations between fashion, beauty and food have become a popular way for brands to deliver bold statements and tap new customer bases. Discerning brands in the luxury, sportswear, and beauty sectors have been leveraging the experiential connection between food and consumers to create multi-sensory experiences and build local relevance. This trend was amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced international labels to optimize their localization strategies to stay competitive. 

To tap into the foodie craze in China, some brands have opted to open cafes, bars, and restaurants, like Ralph’s Bar and The Hall by Louis Vuitton in Chengdu, while others have teamed up with consumer goods companies to create universally-relatable products that appeal to all consumers. For example, Chinese singer Jackson Wang’s streetwear label, Team Wang, partnered with a well-known Taiwanese food producer, Want Want 旺旺, to create a gift box to celebrate the Year of the Tiger in 2022.

McDonald’s has become one of the most recognizable symbols in China thanks to its localization efforts. This latest partnership not only honors guochao (national tide) by incorporating CLOT’s cultural roots, but also speaks to today’s millennials and Gen Z consumers who feel connected to Western pop culture.

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