CNN Legal Ace Explains Why Sidney Powell Guilty Plea Is Ominous For Donald Trump

Sidney Powell’s guilty plea in Georgia Thursday spells a heap of trouble for former President Donald Trump, CNN legal eagle Elie Honig said. (Watch the video below.)

In exchange for probation, Powell struck a deal to admit to six misdemeanors in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, and agreed to testify against other alleged accomplices in future trials ― the most prominent, of course, being Trump.

Honig said the possibility that Powell could rat out Trump in the Georgia racketeering case, and in special counsel Jack Smith’s federal election interference case, is potentially “devastating” for the 2024 Republican front-runner.

Powell had been one of Trump’s most loyal enablers, Honig said, and she provided legal advice that Trump relied on in his attempt to manipulate the election results.

“This is a major breakthrough for prosecutors, potentially a devastating development for Donald Trump, because what’s gonna happen now is Sidney Powell is going to testify for prosecutors in Georgia, and presumably she’ll also be prepared to testify for Jack Smith in his federal case in Washington, D.C.,” said Honig, a former prosecutor.

“She’s not indicted in that case, but she’s listed as a co-conspirator in that case,” he said. “She’s going to be able to provide insider information that could be really devastating towards Donald Trump.”

Powell’s highest value as a witness would be as a you-are-there guide for jurors to the nefarious discussions that allegedly took place before the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, Honig said.

“You use her to bring your jury into that very room,” he explained. “She will be the guide. She will be the narrator. She will be able to say: ‘I was in this room with Donald Trump, with Rudy Giuliani. Here’s what we discussed. Here’s who said what. Here’s what we knew.’”

“So now they’ve sort of got an ultimate insider, somebody who has remained steadfastly loyal to Donald Trump, to the ‘stolen election’ narrative,” Honig continued. “Now she has flipped. Now she has come clean. Now she’s going to be a prosecution witness.”

Fast-forward to 11:25 for Honig’s comments:

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