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Nineties minimalism is back with a vengeance, reaching down to your fingertips with a clean, sleek style that embraces quiet luxury in a more affordable way. Fall nails move away from the baroque, ultra-bright and overloaded designs seen in previous seasons. The last one to land is the manicure coconut milk (coconut milk), a milky, watery and translucent shade, which is neither completely white nor ultra-bright, avoids pinkish turns and reinvents the popular French manicure for the umpteenth time. Created in 1975 by Jeff Pink, director of Orly International, the french manicure It is characterized by the color difference between the natural nail polish and the thick white tip. It was a hit in the nineties and has never completely gone away. An invention at the request of Hollywood studios that were looking for a polish that combined with all types of costumes and avoided continuity errors and the loss of time involved in changing the color of the actresses’ nails between takes. The new one shares the same qualities coconut milk: a creamy tone that goes with everything and exudes elegance with a plus of sobriety.

“The neutrals return through the entire current old money and glow up, which is characterized by being as natural and elegant as possible in all aspects: clothing, accessories, hair and, of course, nails. Translucent and whitish coconut milks are on the rise. Although if you put a third layer on them the effect is thicker and traditional clients tend to like it more. The classic French manicure with a very white tip is no longer popular. He glazed donut with a French base, which simulates the pearly layer of sugar that covers this pastry, also continues to be in vogue,” explains Lara López, CEO of Le Salon Nails for Essie. And this fall milky effects reign. The coconut milk version is softer than a white manicure, but adds more color to the pure nude. Rather, this creamy shade falls between white and nude with a sheer dot. A perfect transition trend from summer to fall, because it’s bright but neutral. “Nudes are always a success because they allow you to see polished and groomed hands, and above all because they harmonize with any style of clothing and occasion. Coconut milk adapts to all skin types, although it greatly enhances dark skin or those that still have a tan. In addition, they are very practical when you cannot do a manicure periodically, because they hide the growth of the nail,” says Lisseth Certuche, nail technician at GoodNails By Raffel Pagés.

Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print

Neutral colors hide when the nail begins to grow. Photo: Getty

Another advantage of coconut milk is that it looks good with any shape and length of nail. “This fall we continue to see long nails, although not as long as years ago and mostly oval,” says Lara López. Although the length and shape always depend on personal taste, all the experts consulted agree that the most requested are oval or square, because they look good in all types of designs. Although the shape of the fingers can give clues when it comes to finding the best shape. “For short fingers, almond-shaped nails are recommended because they stylize and visually lengthen the hand. The thicker the fingers, the more almond-shaped the nail should be. For long and thin fingers, the best option is square or semi-square nails, but not very long since it is a very stylized hand,” advises Laura Pia, director of Thuya Profesional.

And most importantly, how can we replicate this milky and translucent manicure? For Lisseth Certuche “it is very easy to do it at home, although it always depends on the skill of each person, because it is important to glaze correctly to achieve a professional finish. The steps are always the same, preparation of the nail, protective base, application of the polish in two layers and finishing with a protective layer of polish.” Laura Tarrés, manicure expert, warns “the secret to a well-done manicure lies in the preparation of the nail. It must be left clean of cuticles and polished so that the polish is as close to the base of the nail and adheres correctly to prolong the result.”

Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print

Coconut milk manicure with silver detail. Photo: Getty

Begoña Gómez, Yves Rocher treatment expert, gives us the steps for a perfect long-lasting manicure to do at home:
–A good makeup remover. The first step is to remove the previous polish without leaving a single strand of color. Better if you use acetone-free formulas that do not dry out.
–24 hours of rest. They are necessary to let the nail rest and achieve a long-lasting manicure once we apply the color.
–One hour before painting them… spread a moisturizing oil on the nails and let it be completely absorbed. If it has nutritional properties, much better.
–You need a primer. The primer not only prevents yellowing, but strengthens the nails and smoothes the surface so that the polish glides smoothly. But let it dry completely before glazing them. Then apply one or two layers of color depending on the desired translucent effect.
–Top coat, the best duration insurance. If, in addition to spreading it after painting them, you add another layer two days later, the color will remain impeccable.

In the living room the possibilities are endless. “In acrylic, gel or permanent enamel it looks perfect. And it can be made from the most translucent to the most opaque. It is a tone that, although it is requested, creates controversy because being somewhat transparent you either love it or hate it. It is usually in high demand in acrylic manicures,” says Lara López from Essie. It must be taken into account that this semi-transparent effect “does not cover the imperfections of the nails, therefore, it only looks good if they are healthy and cared for. If the nails have cracks or stains, it is better to look for a more opaque finish,” concludes Laura Tarrés.

Jewel details
If this summer nails decorated with hearts or cherries reigned supreme, in autumn, jewel stickers or stickers with discreet drawings liven up the tone of discreet manicures. “Simple does not mean boring. Adding small details such as bright dots or abstract lines results in a creative, minimalist and very beautiful design. To elevate the trend to a higher level, opt for a matte finish polish that generates more contrast,” says Marta Martínez, head of the Social Media department at Druni. Lisseth Certuche, from GoodNails, agrees, “the coconut milk polish works as a smooth base, and on top of that we can do some minimalist decoration, such as a bright dot or a curved line in another more intense contrasting color.”

Colors as warm as cashmere
The desire to wear a warm and cozy sweater is transferred to the nails with warm and comforting colors with a certain powdery nuance. “Bottle greens and their dark derivations are on the rise, garnets in all their aspects, grays with cold nuances and velvety mauves,” says Lisseth Certuche. They are tones that are reminiscent of precious stones but with a more muted tone. “They can be worn all over the nail or covering just a part, but without becoming a colorful French dress. It also works to use a different color on each nail. A trick: to make drawings use a glaze with a brush halfway between flat and rounded,” adds Laura Tarrés. To achieve the pearly or powdery effect “we can apply pigments to the nail and use a specific top coat to achieve adhesion,” adds Irene Palacios, Slow Life House manicurist.

The best products to achieve autumn hands

1- Cuticle Care Treatment, from Sephora Collection
Nourishing cuticle gel (€8.99) that softens and nourishes them to allow them to be removed correctly.

Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print Buy

2- Allure nail polish, from Essie

Essie’s Allure shade (€14.45) is perfect for achieving seasonal coconut milk. Its brush adapts to the contours of the nail for a uniform finish without watermark.

Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print Buy

3- Protective nail treatment base, Dior Vernis
Strengthening and hardening base (€31) that prepares the nail before polishing and maximizes the duration of the color.

Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print Buy

4- Go Green makeup remover cream, by Yves Rocher
The Go Green makeup remover cream (€6.50) removes nail polish while taking care of them. The formula, composed of 96% natural ingredients, is enriched with sweet almond oil.
Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print

5- Magic Spell Stickers, by Essence
These shiny stickers (€1.58) add extra shine to any discreet manicure.

Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print Buy

6- Le Vernis 103, by Chanel
The Légende shade (€32) provides a warm and comforting effect in a single pass. A formula concentrated in color pigments and enriched with camellia ecoceramides.

Coconut milk and cashmere tones: neat manicures that combine with everything prevail | Fashion | The USA Print Buy

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