Colin Jost Grounds Trump Over Gag Order Response In Brutal ‘Weekend Update’ Burn

Jost, on the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live,” pointed to Trump’s remarks before comparing the former president to a child being grounded.

“Then he added ‘She’s like literally killing me.’ Then he yelled ‘You’re not even my real mom’ and slammed his bedroom door,” Jost quipped.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan issued the narrow gag order in response to attacks Trump aimed at those involved in the criminal case, warning that the remarks could pose a “grave threat” to the judicial process. Trump’s lawyers swiftly appealed the gag order before it was temporarily lifted on Friday.

“Because if there’s one guy whose trial famously ended well, it’s Jesus,” Jost said.

You can explore more from the latest edition of “Weekend Update” in the clips below.

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