Conference on the Future of Europe: a child-friendly introduction

Conference on the Future of Europe: a child-friendly introduction thumbnail

A conversation between the EU and its citizens about the future of Europe

Despite its name, the ‘Conference on the Future of Europe’ is actually not a single event but a period of one year, where the institutions will reach out to EU citizens. The European Union wants to hear your opinion on how to make Europe a better place.

The Conference on the Future of Europe is an attempt of the institutions of the EU to involve citizens in shaping our common future. You will have the opportunity of attending or organising events or share your ideas directly on the online platform created by the EU.

Through an entire year, the inputs, opinions and ideas shared by Europeans will be collected and discussed by citizens, politicians and European leaders, who will then reflect on how best to reform the European Union.

In the following document you can read more about the Conference and how you can participate:

Read our child-friendly introduction

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