Daily horoscope for July 9, 2022

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Emotional tidal waves could now swamp us. With emotive Mercury squaring confident Jupiter at 2: 14 am EDT, we may not be confident expressing ourselves, causing us to stumble over sentences or clam up completely. The intense Scorpio Moon trines the sensitive Sun, tapping into our intuitive feelings. With the Moon also opposing offbeat Uranus, an uncomfortable surprise could throw us off our game, followed by a lunar square to critical Saturn, which can leave us frustrated with our obstacles. Let’s try to go easy on ourselves!

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March 21-April 19

You might be ready to leap before you look right now. There may be a time where you’re feeling the heat of a frustrating situation, and you could be tempted to snap rashly at someone who is just an innocent bystander. Try to force yourself to count to ten before you bite their head off — they’re most likely not out to get you! Today is probably just one of those days. Being patient in the moment can save you from potential future headaches.

April 20-May 20

A powerful urge to get things done could be the driving force of your day. Unfortunately, not everyone will likely be thrilled about the way you’re taking the world by storm, so make sure that you’re not bossing around the people around you. Your way is not necessarily the best way, and you should at least try to be a team player. Pay attention to how your words affect your peers or coworkers. Taking a vote before making any final decisions is a great idea.

May 21-June 20

Your social group could be growing in size. Someone might bring their friend when they weren’t invited, or you may gain a coworker. If you aren’t thrilled about the unrequested addition to the group, you may want to gravitate toward the people that you already know instead of being welcoming. Rather than giving anyone the cold shoulder, consider extending a hand in friendship. There was likely a time when you were the new person and hoped that someone would accept you!

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June 21-July 22

A friend that you depended on may not fulfill their promises today. Even if you were really depending on them to show up for you, they might end up leaving you out to dry. While it would be easy to lament the way they’re treating you, consider leaving the complaining for later and handling things on your own. They may have good reasons for falling short and could be willing to pay you back in the future. Who knows when you might need a favor!

July 23-August 22

Someone may challenge your authority today. You’ve likely worked hard to get where you are and expect the respect of others in your area of expertise, but someone could still challenge your statements and try to show you up in some way. They may be trying to bring you down a peg, or are just unaware of how they’re coming across, but either way, it’s probably not worth fighting about. Treasure your peace and remember that their doubt doesn’t make you any less qualified.

August 23-September 22

Unexpected knowledge might arrive on your doorstep at any moment. This information could be uncomfortable or even embarrassing, but try not to let it hold you back. You may have had expectations that weren’t met, by yourself or others, leaving you doubting yourself or your team. Keep in mind that everything has a learning curve, and it’s natural to make mistakes! Every misstep is just a lesson and an opportunity to try again, now knowing one way that doesn’t work.

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September 23-October 22

A respected peer may try to make you feel insecure today. Their words likely mean a lot to you, particularly if you’ve put a lot of faith in their authority over the course of your life. . They may express some criticism to you today — whether or not it’s constructive, it will likely be difficult to hear. Make an effort to listen and see if you agree with what they have seen in you, or dismiss it and let it go.

October 23-November 21

Your heart might live on your sleeve at the moment. Even if you normally guard your thoughts and feelings closely, you could find that today you’re blurting out anything that enters your brain. You may have to make an extra effort to keep from speaking your mind if you want to avoid the ire of others, because not everything that comes to mind is going to be flattering to those in your life. Try to be honest without hurting anyone’s feelings if possible.

November 22-December 21

The daredevil in you could try to come out at this time. You may crave to take extra risks or push the envelope today, though others might not appreciate your desire to take things a step further. They may just be trying to get through the day, so if your endeavors involve other people, you should attempt to stay aware of whether or not they appreciate your antics. You can choose to charge ahead regardless, but be aware that someone could push back.

December 22-January 19

Deep feelings may finally be brought to the surface. Someone in your life that’s important to you could be pushing your buttons as only they can. People that are closest to your heart can also hurt you the most, because they know you better than anyone — especially when you’ve chosen to let them into your heart and they still hurt you. Before you hover off the handle, try to find out why they’re needling you in this way. There could be a deeper reason!

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January 20-February 18

Showing others your authentic self could be difficult at the moment. While everyone has things that they hide from the world, you may be trying to convince someone that you’re the polar opposite of what you really are. Whether or not this is necessary in your current situation, make sure that you’re not making promises that you can’t keep just to get your way. Presenting yourself as drastically different from who you really are can easily backfire on you in the near future.

February 19-March 20

Being too hard on yourself today is a real possibility. Even if you’re simply trying to build up an area of your life that you feel is weak, you might actually be tearing yourself down! That’s because, in the process of doing this, you may be insulting yourself or engaging in negative self-talk that is ultimately planting potential seeds of doubt in your mind. Do your best to exchange reminding yourself of your past failures for talks of your future successes instead.

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