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A second woman, identified as Jane Doe XX, has filed a complaint of sexual abuse against the composer Danny Elfman, nominated for an Oscar and winner of multiple Grammy awards. According to legal documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Jane Doe XX alleges that Elfman sexually abused her between 1997 and 2002. The complaint includes charges of sexual assault, gender-based violence, intentional emotional distress, sexual harassment and neglect.

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The spokesperson for Danny Elfman He responded to these accusations by stating:

The allegations of misconduct leveled against Mr. Elfman are baseless and absurd. His legal team is evaluating all options and will vigorously defend these claims in court.

According to the complaint, Jane Doe XX He met Elfman in 1997, when she was a 21-year-old student at the New York Film Academy. Elfman, 47 at the time, invited her to industry events, treating her as a consultant and protégé. However, the relationship quickly became awkward and abusive.

Danny Elfman (Image: Yahoo)
Danny Elfman (Image: Yahoo)

For the next five years, Elfman would strip completely naked in front of Jane Doe XX and walk naked in front of her, claiming it was the only way to work creatively. Elfman also took her to Indomitable Mind cast and crew meetings – Danny Elfman is reported for the second time, woman accuses him of abuse | The USA Print97% and invited her to stay at his home in California in 1998.

He removed all his clothes until he was completely naked and walked naked in front of the plaintiff, exposing his genitals. Defendant Elfman expressed to plaintiff that this was the only way he could work, be creative, and be successful.

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The plaintiff alleges that he sometimes slept in the same bed as Elfman, who slept naked next to him. In 2002, Elfman allegedly confessed to her that she masturbated while she slept next to him, which led to Jane Doe XX to end her relationship with him. These accusations are similar to another case presented by the composer Nomi Abadi in 2018, which also included allegations of sexual abuse by Elfman. Abadi alleged that Elfman exposed himself and masturbated in front of her without her consent on several occasions. Elfman reached a settlement and confidentiality agreement with Abadi in 2018 and negotiated the transactions.

Lawyer Jeff Andersonwho represented Nomi Abadirevealed that Jane Doe XX contacted him after reading about Abadi’s case, highlighting the striking similarities between the two situations. Both women, of similar age and aspiring in the entertainment industry, considered Elfman a mentor they could trust. Jane Doe XX is seeking damages, including medical expenses, loss of income and other incidental costs.

Danny Elfman is known for his work on iconic soundtracks, collaborating with directors such as Tim Burton and Sam Raimi. Despite the allegations, he is scheduled to appear at Disney’s “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in Concert” event at the Hollywood Bowl in late October, along with other notable performers.

The emergence of these new accusations of sexual abuse against Danny Elfman emphasizes the importance of seriously addressing allegations of inappropriate conduct and harassment in any context, including the entertainment industry. Justice and truth must prevail, and victims must feel empowered to make their voices heard. The industry must continue to examine and improve its practices to ensure a safe and respectful work environment for all.

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