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Daredevil’s return to the screen is imminent and so would that of The Punisher, with actor Jon Bernthal reprising his role as Frank Castle after having participated in 12 episodes of Daredevil – Daredevil: Born Again | Jon Bernthal's participation as The Punisher could have been confirmed - The USA Print | The USA Print93%, the popular Netflix adaptation and having starred in both seasons of The Punisher – 62%, another production from the same company, which allowed fans to follow this conflicted character who debuted in Marvel comics, specifically in the series The Amazing Spider-Manin a 1974 issue.

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Much has been said about what the story of the Man Without Fear could be in the hands of Disney now that the character has returned to this company, and along with these reports, new details have also been revealed about the antihero played by Bernthal. Last March it was confirmed that the actor will return to the screen and, according to what he remembers Variety, the actor shared a photo on Instagram to celebrate. With the news, fans were very excited, but since then no more has been revealed about the nature of his involvement until now.

New information finally confirms how involved The Punisher would be in Daredevil: Born Againthe series that Disney is busy with, which will be an important addition to its Marvel universe. The Direct has shared that an official copyright listing mentions Jon Bernthal as part of the main actors alongside Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio as WIlson Fisk aka Kingpin. Although other actors are mentioned, Bernthal appears just behind Cox and D’Onofrio, suggesting that his appearance will not be a simple cameo.

Jon Bernthal in Netflix's The Punisher (Image: Vanity Fair)
Jon Bernthal in Netflix’s The Punisher (Image: Vanity Fair)

It is possible that Marvel Studios and Disney are using Daredevil: Born Again not only to “revive” a beloved version of the titular character, which would be taking good advantage of what Netflix built, a company that only canceled its Marvel superhero productions because its licenses were being withdrawn and not because it really made the decision itself. , but also to launch The Punisher into the ring and perhaps measure public reception in case it can later be included in other series or films.

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Of course, the first series starring the superheroes of the House of Ideas were not made by Disney, in addition to the fact that they will be ignored as they are not in the same franchise, but the studio has found a way to take some of its characters, those that have brought them more success, to incorporate them into a universe that they do manage in every aspect. After having managed to see The Punisher with Daredevil, many are dreaming of the moment when he could get together with Spider-Man, as has happened in some of his best-known comics, and even see the protagonist of Born Again with him. wall-crawler

Amid the strikes of actors and writers, showrunner Steven S. DeKnight charged against the company by saying that after three seasons “it is an old Disney scam” to slightly change the name of a production so that the terms of their contracts would be restored to those of the first season. This makes a big difference, because rights like full vacation pay only come after a series has moved past its third season. For this reason, not only him, but several people who have worked there assure that he has always done the same, since when changing the name it is taken as if it were a completely different production and it is strange because those that did not receive another name were simply canceled. before or after having reached its third batch of episodes.

When is Daredevil: Born Again released?

At the moment it has been mentioned that Daredevil: Born Again will hit the screen in 2024, but was delayed by strikes for a spring release. For now the actors have not reached an agreement so it is very possible that this will affect the studio’s plans. In the comic of the same name, Matt Murdock’s identity is revealed and the Kingpin seeks to destroy him, his career, and his loved ones.

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