DeSantis authorizes rescues operations for Floridians trapped in Israel

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis authorized state officials Thursday to begin work to bring home Sunshine State residents trapped in Israel amid that country’s ongoing war against the Hamas terror group.

“We will not leave our residents behind,” DeSantis vowed Thursday. “To the many Floridians who are stuck in Israel, trying to get home — help is on the way.”

The 45-year-old governor signed an executive order permitting the Florida Division of Emergency Management to “carry out logistical, rescue and evacuation operations to keep its residents safe.”

As part of the initiative, FDEM is “arranging for chartered flights home for Floridians currently in Israel,” an official told The Post. Additionally, Florida is “working on transporting supplies.”

DeSantis’ order also activated Florida’s National Guard and State Guard to assist “as needed.”

Ron DeSantis told Floridians trapped in Israel that help is on the way.
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Most major airlines, including American, Delta, and United, have suspended flights into and out of the Jewish state amid Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes.

So far at least 27 Americans have been killed in the conflict, while 14 are still missing, according to the Biden administration.

“There are more than 20,000 Americans, including Floridians, in Israel who wish to return home but are unable to do so,” the governor’s director of communications Jason Mahon said in a statement.

Israel is responding to one of the bloodiest terrorist uprisings it’s seen in decades.

“Unlike the governments of other countries, the Biden Administration has failed to launch any form of rescue or evacuation operations for Americans, including Floridians, stranded in the region, and has failed to provide information requested by the State of Florida,” stated the DeSantis order, which takes effect Thursday and will remain in place for 60 days.

DeSantis, a stalwart backer of Israel who visited back in April, has been a strong proponent of US support as the it grapples with the terrorist threat.

Earlier this week, he proposed a fresh suite of new sanctions on Iran, which backs Hamas.

Ron DeSantis has cast himself as a staunch supporter of Israel.
People gather and light candles to show solidarity with Israel in Tel Aviv.
Rockets are launched from the coast of the Gaza Strip towards Israel.

“[Florida has] been the number one place for in-migration, particularly of Orthodox Jews, since I’ve been governor,” DeSantis said during a Wednesday call with the conservative Christan group Family Policy Alliance.

“It all does go back to Iran and the Biden administration, unfortunately, has let up on Iran. That’s part of the reason they’ve had a lot of money, we all need to come together as states and the federal government really turn the screws on Iran.” 

Floridians trapped in Israel can go to to get assistance.

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