Details of Biden’s $105 Billion Funding Request for Israel and Ukraine

President Biden has argued that American aid for crises overseas, primarily in Ukraine and Israel, is vital to protecting U.S. national security. On Friday, he laid out the details of what he believes the United States needs to provide to its allies.

Here is a look at what is in the Biden administration’s $105 billion funding request:

More than half of that money would go toward providing weapons and ammunition for Ukraine via defense contracts and U.S. stockpiles, which the funds would then replenish. The rest would pay for economic and operational assistance, intelligence and military logistical support, nuclear security programs and resettling Ukrainian refugees.

The package would go almost entirely toward defense contracts and facilitating the transfer of weapons and ammunition to Israel from U.S. stockpiles. According to the White House, ammunition for the missile defense systems known as Iron Dome and David’s Sling, as well as Iron Beam, Israel’s ground-based laser air defense system, would be covered in the package. Congressional leaders have said the package will also include precision-guided munitions, kits that turn regular bombs into precision weapons, and artillery shells.

The money would pay for more border patrol officers, immigration judges, shelters and detention centers; it also includes more than $1 billion for battling fentanyl trafficking. But it does not include two key initiatives that Republicans want: funding to construct a border wall and changes to the way migrants seeking asylum are allowed into the country.

The money includes assistance for Palestinian, Israeli and Ukrainian civilians who have felt the impact of the fighting. The White House did not say how much assistance each group could expect to receive.

The funds, which include military financing for Taiwan, are meant to help counter the rising influence of China in the region. Over $3 billion would go toward financing U.S. submarine construction, while an additional $2 billion would be for development assistance. Another $2 billion is for foreign military financing, though it’s not clear if that money is exclusively for Taiwan or if it will be shared with other countries in the region.

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