Diablo IV Ashava World Boss location and spawn time

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Diablo IV has many powerful monsters for you to slay, but some of them are extremely difficult to defeat. For instance, world bosses. These spawn at specific times and can not be fought alone. Instead, you need a team of players for them. One of them is Ashava, a massive demon with forearm blades that can cut through anything. If you’re interested in fighting this creature, continue reading to learn about the location of the world boss in Diablo IV.

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World boss location in Diablo IV

While the game’s beta version only gives you a glimpse of the full version, you still get the luxury of participating in different activities. From fighting the Butcher to completing a handful of quests, you can do it all. The developers were also kind enough to let players fight a world boss, Ashava. To fight this demon, you must go to The Crucible, a small area in the Fractured Peaks. If you’re having trouble finding its location, you can refer to the image below.

Image via Pure Diablo

Now, it is important to remember that Ashava will not always be there to fight you and your team. Instead, it will spawn at specific times only.

  • March 18: 10 AM | 12 PM | 10 PM PT
  • March 19: 12 AM PT
  • March 25: 10 AM | 12 PM | 10 PM PT
  • March 26: 12 AM PT

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It is important to note that you must first reach the max level of the beta, which is 25, before taking on Ashava. Then, you can head over to the location at the given time, where you’ll be given 15 minutes to take the demon down. The boss will use different attacks in combat, such as Bite, Double Swipe, Leap, Ground Pound, and Acid Spot. After you eliminate Ashava, you can pick up a lot of loot from its corpse, including legendary items.

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