Dolby Vision gaming is coming to Xbox Series X|S

Dolby Vision gaming is coming to Xbox Series X|S

In brief: Microsoft has announced that Dolby Vision is coming soon to the Xbox Series X|S, making them the first gaming consoles to feature the technology. Insider Alpha Ring members can experience Dolby Vision gaming now, while the rest of gamers will have to wait for the test phase to end.

A few weeks ago, Xbox Series X|S owners were teased with the upcoming support for Dolby Vision gaming in their consoles. Those who took a look at the Xbox Series X’s General 4K TV details were surprised with a check if their TVs supported Dolby Vision at 4K 60/120Hz or not.

Dolby had already announced that the Xbox Series X and Series S would support Dolby Vision HDR, but only now we are seeing it being rolled out to Insiders. With this, Dolby Vision is added to the list of enhancement technologies supported by the new Xbox consoles, which also include HDR10 and Dolby Atmos.

In a way, Dolby Vision is like the next generation of HDR. Although HDR can offer brighter visuals with vivid colors and deeper blacks, it has to be tuned depending on the display, settings, and content. Dolby Vision, on the other hand, automatically sets up as long as you’re using a compatible display and watching content created in Dolby Vision, therefore, it becomes more convenient for the end-user.

“Dolby Vision games automatically map to your Dolby Vision display as you play, so you’re always seeing the full picture.” the company said. In a separate statement, Dolby also informed that it’s developing “a new enhancement created by Dolby and Microsoft for HDR gaming content that enables a more accurate HDR gaming experience when connected to a Dolby Vision-enabled TV.”

More details about Xbox Series X|S support for Dolby Vision are coming soon, including which games will fully benefit from it.

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