Dubai overhauls Covid-19 rules to allow concerts, 10 diners on a table and weddings for 100

Dubai overhauls Covid-19 rules to allow concerts, 10 diners on a table and weddings for 100 thumbnail

Dubai’s authorities will lift a series of restrictions on live entertainment, hotel occupancy and allow concerts for vaccinated people.

The government released news of the changes at Arabian Travel Market on Monday, May 17 and they take effect immediately.

Officials stressed it was a trial period of one month – and reminded the public that masks must still be worn in all public places.

In a series of changes, Dubai Media Office said:

– live entertainment and activities allowed to be held in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls for a trial period of one month (extendable)

Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management announces updated precautionary measures for events and activities.

— Dubai Media Office (@DXBMediaOffice)
May 17, 2021

– entertainment venues can have an increased capacity of 70 per cent; hotels can raise occupancy ceiling to 100 per cent

– music concerts, community sports events, spectator events and social and institutional events will be allowed on the condition that all attendees, participants and staff have received the Covid-19 vaccine

– total number of people allowed to sit on a single table at restaurants increased to 10 – up from 7 previously

– six people can sit on a table in a cafe or coffee shop – up from 4 previously

– social distancing should be observed at 2 metres, down from 3 metres. This includes all areas including malls, restaurants and cafes

– maximum attendance at wedding events capped at 100 for wedding venues/hotels; vaccination mandatory for attendees and staff. Previously, only 10 people were allowed at a wedding and all must be relatives

– maximum attendance allowed for large public events events that receive permits is 1,500 for indoor events and 2,500 for outdoor

No change to mask wearing in public places

As with the nationwide law, the public are still required to wear face masks in all public places.

Exemptions include when strenuously exercising, when dining and seated at a restaurant table.

The fine for being caught without a mask remains Dh3,000 per person.

“Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management stressed the need for the community to adhere to the updated measures,” Dubai Media Office said.

“Inspections will continue to be carried out by the concerned authorities to ensure compliance with the measures. Violators will face stiff penalties.”

Officials said they need the cooperation of members of the public “to promote an accelerated return to normalcy”.

“Working together is key to ensuring the highest levels of health and safety in the community and preventing any setback to the efforts to curb the pandemic”, it added.

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