Easter celebrations held in Chicago


CHICAGO — On Sunday, Easter celebrations were held around the city, including at Holy Name Cathedral on the Near North Side where five services took place.

“We always come to this Catedral which is beautiful. it’s a tradition every year,” parishioner Carolina Parada said.

Parada was just one of many who gathered at the cathedral on Sunday.

“The music just filled the church. It was such a beautiful, spiritual mass,” parishioner Julie McCarthy said.

Easter is one of the most sacred days in the holy calendar for Catholics and most other Christians.

“It’s the new start for us because Christ came to this world to give us life for us. It’s just the new beginning for us,” parishioner Ivan Parra said.

While many who attended Sunda’ys services live nearby, some visitors from out of town also made time to show up to mass.

“This is probably the biggest Cathedral in Chicago. we have some family in Chicago and they told us this place is awesome,” Michael Assioun, who is visiting from St. Louis, said.

Easter honors the profound significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation of mankind. Parishioners say they were reminded how Christ has provided for them each and every day.

“It’s remembering the story about how he was risen and also cherishing family moments too,” Joey Garcia, who is also visiting from Texas, said.

Parishioners said that while Easter brings spiritual renewal, Sunday is also a reminder about being together in the community.


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