Elden Ring’s Margit has been felled by a streamer playing with an acoustic guitar

Elden Ring's Margit has been felled by a streamer playing with an acoustic guitar thumbnail
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I don’t suppose many of us thought taking down Elden’s Ring Margit was an easy feat – he is one of the game’s rarer Great Enemies, after all – but now, making me feel extra bad about my feeble accomplishments, a streamer has taken down Margit using an acoustic guitar. Yes, really. 

The streamer concerned is MissMikkaa. If that name’s familiar, it’s because this isn’t the first time we’ve been impressed by her Elden Ring (opens in new tab) talents. For instance, did you see this playthrough where MissMikkaa played through Elden Ring using a dance pad for a controller (opens in new tab)? Or what about this one, which sees MissMikkaa complete the game with just one hand and without leveling up past rune level one (opens in new tab)?

“We did it! Killed Margit today with an Acoustic Guitar!” MissMikkaa tweeted when celebrating her latest achievement. 

“This might be the most inconsistent and hardest run so far hahaha, very fun! The plan is to beat Elden Ring by only using the guitar as a controller.”

We did it! Killed Margit today with an Acoustic Guitar! This might be the most inconsistent and hardest run so far hahaha, very fun! The plan is to beat Elden Ring by only using the guitar as a controller. pic.twitter.com/xF9FB8JeBqFebruary 2, 2023

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If this is the kind of challenge you fancy bringing to Elden Ring (and who am I to judge), MissMikkaa says she uses software called AbjectAudioInputs to “keybind frequencies from the guitar into keyboard and mouse actions”.

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“Just need to hit the right frequency when playing the chords, it’s really hard hahaha,” she adds.

MissMikkaa’s tenaciousness can be watched in real-time over on her Twitch channel (opens in new tab), which I heartily recommend. 

If you, like me, presumed the Elden Beast just zoomed about on some kind of gelatinous goo under the water line, Twitterer HaloLegann has discovered that Elden Beast has extraordinarily elongated toes (opens in new tab) – and Elden Ring fans can’t stop thinking about it.

Quite how HaloLegann discovered the Beast’s finger-like toes remains unclear, but if I have to know about them, so do you. You’re welcome.

Elden Ring players were also recently blown away by a late starter who’s somehow reached the Godskin Apostle without understanding a basic function of the game: fast travel (opens in new tab).

It kicked off a wider conversation about how some players were several hours into the game without understanding other key features, too, with one player admitting that they’d gone all the way to the Capitol before they realized you could level up your flask.

An announcement from Elden Ring’s publisher, Bandai Namco’s Nordic division, set tongues wagging earlier this week as fans began to speculate whether an upcoming anniversary event in Stockholm may finally lift the lid on all those DLC rumors (opens in new tab). There’s absolutely no evidence of this as yet, but that’s not stopping Tarnished folk from getting excited anyway.

Elden Ring itself also mightily impressed us last year, so much so that we crowned it GamesRadar’s GOTY for 2022 (opens in new tab).

Vikki Blake is GamesRadar+’s Weekend Reporter. Vikki works tirelessly to ensure that you have something to read on the days of the week beginning with ‘S’, and can also be found contributing to outlets including the BBC, Eurogamer, and GameIndustry.biz. Vikki also runs a weekly games column at NME, and can be frequently found talking about Destiny 2 and Silent Hill on Twitter. 

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