EXCLUSIVE! Ishq Par Zor Nahi fame Rajat Verma opens up about his character Kartik in the show

EXCLUSIVE! Ishq Par Zor Nahi fame Rajat Verma opens up about his character Kartik in the show

MUMBAI:  Sony Tv’s Ishq Par Zor Nahi has become everyone’s favourite with their intriguing storyline and engrossing love drama. Ishqi and Ahaan are termed as the perfect duo. Their love and hate are both extremes.

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Apart from Ishqaan, Kartik aka Rajat has become a youth icon for the viewers with his charismatic presence in the show. The character has garnered much love in such a short span of time. It has become unimaginable for the fans to see Ishq and Ahaan’s love story without him.

In an insightful and joyous chat with Rajat, we asked him about his character and that one quality he would love to take from Kartik, he had an absolutely interesting answer, “Kartik is carved as a modern boy with an attitude to have a word for everything and voice for the right. I am grateful to the makers and writers for this character; it is such a well-written role. The audience often relates to the reactions that Kartik gives in the show. It isn’t a stereotyped person that you often see in shows; he is more real and relatable.”

“As Kartik, I am portraying myself, everything that I wouldn’t do as Rajat is right there onscreen. I am revealing my own desires through the character. Kartik’s carefree nature is something that I would love to imbibe in Rajat. As social beings, we often hold on to being diplomatically correct and our reactions are usually measured in the grey dimension, whereas Kartik holds those guts to take a stand and voice the issues” he added.

While talking about the character, we asked Rajat about that one quality he would want to see in Kartik if he was writing the sketch for the role. His answer will fulfil the viewers’ wishes, “In a place where Ahaan has all the responsibilities and he chooses to react in the circumstances with a lot of thinking, Kartik is still a spectator, he is rebellious but his stand is for things he is observing. I want Kartik to face them and share the responsibilities.”

I want Kartik to get a chance to actually experience the same pressure of responsibilities and react to it accordingly; I want to see how his modern perception will change with maturity. And of course, his romantic track is much needed. He has already played cupid, now it’s time he finds someone.  

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Well, what do you think about this? Should Kartik also have a love interest?

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