Finland’s Child Guarantee National Action Plan – An overview

Finland’s Child Guarantee National Action Plan – An overview thumbnail

2021 was a turning point in the fight against child poverty, with the launch of two landmark initiatives, the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the European Child Guarantee.

As EU Member States submit their Child Guarantee National Action Plans, Eurochild will share highlights from each plan that members, children’s rights advocates and influencers can use in their own work to ensure children’s rights remain high on the political agendas across Europe.

The Finnish Child Guarantee National Action Plan submitted on 21 April focuses on:

  • Training on child impact assessments, child-oriented budgeting, and children’s inclusion
  • Reforming healthcare, social welfare, and rescue services
  • Extending of compulsory education
  • Developing services and skills in the youth work sector
  • Raising the minimum school leaving age to 18 years

Despite the deadline on 15 March, only 14 EU Member States have released their National Action Plan at the time of publishing of this overview. Eurochild and its members will continue to call on Member States to release their plans and to work on ensuring the Child Guarantee National Action Plans helps end child poverty.

This overview presents highlights extracted from the National Action Plan (NAP) from Finland published on 21/04/2022. It is not exhaustive nor does it evaluate the NAP and uses the same terms as those in the NAP. It is intended to summarise key elements and to signpost stakeholders to other relevant analyses.

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