First Amendment Advocate Speaker Johnson a ‘Gigantic Advancement’ over McCarthy

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said Thursday on Rumble’s “System Update” that newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) commitment to First Amendment issues was a “gigantic advancement over Kevin McCarthy.”

After playing a clip of Rep. Johnson questioning Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at a congressional hearing in July, Greenwald said, “That person right there in that video of five minutes did such an expert job of constructing those questions, who came incredibly prepared and more so was obviously so passionate.”

He continued, “The reason he was enraged, and the rage was very controlled, it was very focused, it was very substantive, was because Mayorkas was saying over and over we are here to protect the country from disinformation. Then he refused to say who defines what disinformation is because of course the answer is we do. We the government are defining what is true and false. Which is as grave a violation of the First Amendment as you can get.”

Greenwald added, “If you had told me three months ago that that person was going to be Speaker of the House in three months, the person who just did that, I would have said, ‘Please tell me the directions of the parallel universe in which you are residing so I can move there.’ Because whatever else is true about this person and are we going to have disagreements with him, obviously, but the fact that he was able to do that — and not just able to do that but felt that, believes that — is obviously a gigantic advancement over Kevin McCarthy.”

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