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All the food we eat is transformed into energy to reach every cell in the body. Most foods are converted into glucose that passes into the bloodstream for the generation of energy we need for daily activities. These blood sugar levels can be regulated naturally by adopting some habits.

High blood sugar levels are a characteristic of diabetes. If you are diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it is vital to maintain blood sugar levels within the appropriate parameters.

A good way to control blood sugar levels is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which involves adopting certain habits when eating, doing physical activity and keeping stress under control.

It is also important to know what happens in the body when sugar levels are high, to be aware of the situation. When blood sugar levels are high, the pancreas releases it after eating food.

“Insulin works like a key that allows blood sugar to enter the body’s cells so they can use it for energy,” indicates the US Center for Disease Control.

“When blood sugar and insulin levels are high, the liver absorbs sugar and stores it as glycogen,” he adds, to convert it back into sugar when necessary for energy.

Keeping blood sugar levels under control can help prevent diabetes, and if you suffer from it, avoid vision loss, heart disease, nerve damage, stroke, kidney disease and poor oral health, among others.

Habits to control blood sugar levels naturally:

Control carbohydrate consumption

Woman with sweet bread
Controlling carbohydrate intake is key to avoiding strong blood sugar spikes.
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The carbohydrates we consume are converted into glucose, which means they increase blood sugar levels.

Reducing carbohydrate intake can help control blood sugar. Your body converts carbohydrates into sugars (mainly glucose) and then insulin moves them into your cells.

For this reason, it is suggested to control carbohydrate intake or use a food exchange system, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Eat more fiber

Green beans
The fiber provided by green beans can help achieve a healthier cholesterol balance
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Eating fiber helps control blood sugarespecially soluble fiber, because when fiber is consumed the digestive process slows down a little, as does the absorption of sugar.

Control portion sizes

Managing portion sizes helps control blood sugar levels, as it allows you to regulate calorie intake and even help with weight loss.

To control portions there are several tips that we can take into account such as: Eat slowly, measure and weigh portions, keep a food diary, use smaller plates, read food labels and avoid “eat all” menus. that you can.”

Prioritize foods with a low glycemic index

Low glycemic index foods lower long-term blood sugar levels in type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

Among foods with a low glycemic index are non-starchy vegetables, most fruitscorn, sweet potatoes, legumes, beans, seafood, meat, eggs, cereals and barley.

Good hydration

Staying hydrated can reduce the risk of heart failure, a chronic condition that develops when the heart does not pump enough blood.
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One way to keep blood sugar levels at the limit is to stay well hydrated, preferably water, since drinking water rehydrates the blood, and allows blood sugar levels to lower.

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