Four sexual assaults reported on campus housing this fall

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Four sexual assaults have been reported since the start of the fall semester at Cal State San Marcos on campus housing.

“We want to send a message that this is not okay and we need a culture that rallies because this is an issue for college students across the board nationally,” said Margaret Chantung, Chief Communications Officer. “In all these situations they have been students acquainted with each other. In each of these cases we’ve provided support to victims.”

Cal State San Marcos school officials issued alerts and a video message to the student body making them aware. Every year, the university offers student and family orientations where they educate on sexual assault.

“I always want to rally and support our students, never want our students to go through this and also think it’s important as a community to talk about this,” said Dean of Students Jason Schreiber.

Schreiber says this time of year nationwide at college campuses is called “Red Zone” because of an influx of sexual assaults that happen.

“The Red Zone happens from the start of the fall semester and it goes all the way until Thanksgiving. That’s the time period when more sex assaults happen on a college campus and that’s nationwide not unique to Cal State,” he said.

Cal State San Marcos says they teach students on how to be active bystanders to better prepare them on how to intervene if they see anything suspicious. School officials plan to host a town hall meeting in October.

“This is going to take all of us,” Schreiber added. “This is a societal issue and everyone needs to have the conversation.”

Campus housing staff and assistants have been briefed and make rounds every day. They’ve also been told to report any suspicious activity.

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