Frisch raises 4 times more than Boebert in recent months


DENVER (KDVR) — New numbers from Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District show Democrat Adam Frisch is outraising incumbent Lauren Boebert.

In recent months, Frisch has brought in nearly $3.4 million compared to Boebert, who raised $850,000 in the same three-month timeframe. FOX31 political analysts disagree on whether the gap in fundraising could lead to a gap in the polls, or even election results, this week on “Colorado Point of View.”

Democratic strategist Andy Boian highlighted the 554-vote differential in the November 2022 race that saw Boebert keep her seat.

“The reality is Adam (Frisch) is raising so much more money than the incumbent that it really poses the question … does she really want the seat? Obviously, really bad press in the last quarter for Lauren Boebert,” Boian said.

Republican strategist Michael Fields argues there won’t be a noticeable difference.

“For example, you’re going to have tens of millions of dollars that come in, right? So if one has 4 million, has 2 million, then, you know, 10, 15, 20 million comes in on each side, money’s going to be there,” Fields said.

The two especially disagree on how crucial money is when it comes to the presidential election after the Biden-Harris team raised more than $71 million from July to September. That means their team has nearly $91 million in the bank, making it the highest total amassed by any Democratic candidate in history.

Does money matter in the US presidential race?

Fields said the money is irrelevant because of name recognition in the presidential race.

“This (election) is going to come down to how people feel next year. During that time, do they feel like Biden can continue on and be competent as a president?” Fields said.

Fields said instead of money or polling, voters will focus on the important issues at the time. He pointed to the last election.

“COIVD was going on, different things were happening. It’s really going to be: What are the circumstances at that moment? They’re both going to have enough money,” Fields said.

But Boian argued the money is crucial, especially as the election inches closer.

“The dollars coming in the last few days are really critical. That’s when a lot of people make up their minds,” Boian said.

Watch the full debate on “Colorado Point of View” this Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on Colorado’s Very Own Channel 2.


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