F’s all over historic blowout loss to Dolphins

Offense — D

The offense did some good things, particularly early in the game after a three-and-out to start. But the Broncos still had as many turnovers (three) as they did scores. They went 1-of-3 in the red zone. They had touchdowns wiped off the board on the two field goal drives by penalties on Brandon Johnson — iffy ones, but penalties nonetheless. They had two first downs running the ball well into the fourth quarter. They crested 300-plus yards, but that wasn’t nearly enough on this day. Denver will look at the film and see some positives — Can Marvin Mims, Jr. be a featured player in this offense yet? — and plenty of corrections to be made. But all of that likely would have been academic after the opening minutes in South Florida anyway.

Defense — F

If F- existed, that would be the grade. The Dolphins scored 10 touchdowns. Tua Tagovailoa completed his first 17 passes. The Dolphins only broke away from slicing and dicing Denver’s secondary to run roughshod on the ground. The Broncos’ tackling — a focus of the week, according to Sean Payton — only got exposed more against Miami’s talented skill players. The outlook only got dimmer for a group that’s gone from giving up 16 to 35 to 70 as the competition has improved over the first three weeks of the season. Chicago and the New York Jets the next two weeks aren’t very good, but then three of the next four are against Kansas City and Buffalo. Buckle up, Vance Joseph. This could get worse — well, actually it’d be hard to be worse — before it gets better.

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