Fulton County hearing live updates: Trump attorney accuses Nathan Wade of perjury

Testimony from one of the defense’s key witnesses appears to be falling short as the judge seems to grow frustrated with repeated lines of questioning.

“I haven’t really heard a point in a while,” the judge told defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant amid a prolonged questioning of Nathan Wade’s former law partner, Terrance Bradley, about his contract with the DA’s office. “Can we get along to something or we’re gonna have to wrap it up.”

The defense took a hit when the judge ruled earlier against their crime-fraud exception argument that would have compelled Bradley to testify about text messages with Merchant about Wade’s relationship with DA Fani Willis – which Trump’s attorney claimed could show Wade perjured himself on the stand about when that relationship started.

But with the judge blocking that testimony for now, instead, the defense has been focused on long-winding questions about Bradley’s legal contracts and about whether or not he had dinner with Wade or Willis – seemingly not what the defense had hoped would take up the witnesses’ testimony.

At one point, another defense attorney argued to the court that adultery would fall under the crime-fraud exception – but the judge, seemingly growing annoyed, quickly shot it down.

Bradley was first called earlier this morning after the state declined to question Willis but was at a doctor’s appointment. A person with Bradley told ABC News he attended the doctor’s appointment because he figured Willis’s testimony would take up the morning.

The state has forcefully worked all day to invoke privilege to block aspects of Bradley’s testimony.

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