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If you are fans of The Boys – Gen V: The giant penis was built in a practical way and the producer justifies the scene | The USA Print85%, needless to say, were clear that Gen V – 83% was going to be just as explicit when it came to showing the consequences of its protagonists’ superpowers. And the exception was not going to be Emma Cricket, one of the characters who has the ability to change size. If you’ve seen the first few episodes, you know that during an intimate scene, she is convinced to have sex while she is in the least shape of her. But what they may not have known is that the penis we saw was a real prop.

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Was the penis in the first episode of Gen V real?

In interview with VarietyEric Kripke, producer of Gene V and The Boysrevealed that the special effects team built a five-foot penis for the scene in which Emma Cricket, played by Lizzie Broadway, holds onto a phallus to please his sexual partner. And he says that, contrary to what the public might imagine, these kinds of scenes are not invented just to shock, but he believes that they have a very clear (not to say firm) narrative purpose:

It’s not our style to make a penis with CGI (digital effects). I think it’s important for verisimilitude that we make these penises practically. When we wrote the pilot, that scene, as shocking as it is, is about Emma’s self-esteem. It’s about how they pressure her to do something sexual that they don’t feel comfortable with and that costs her something. Again, we never thought ‘We scaled a penis in The Boys, so we’ll have a little person scale a penis in this other series.’ We always talk about how “She’s having a hard time” and this is a risky way to dramatize it.

Gen V critics consensus. (Credit: The USA Print)
Gen V critics consensus. (Credit: The USA Print)

Adding to what Kripke comments, for the genre that dominates the box office and to a large extent television, few superhero stories actually show the sexuality of their characters and explore it thematically. This is one of the elements that makes The Boys franchise so subversive – Gen V: The giant penis was built in a practical way and the producer justifies the scene | The USA Print85%, because he does not distance himself from it for fear of making people uncomfortable, but rather uses them as a criticism of this type of stories and as humor.

Sexual abuse is a very serious issue in universities in the United States, private institutions that often cover up their wealthiest students so as not to lose donations from their parents when they commit a crime of this nature. On this topic, you can look for the documentary The Hunting Ground – Gen V: The giant penis was built in a practical way and the producer justifies the scene | The USA Print93%, which even received an Oscar nomination for the song “Till it Happens To You”, performed by Lady Gaga.

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As for the cost Emma pays for using her powers, it is revealed that in order to shrink she needs to vomit, which is also a clear allusion to eating disorders. Kripke explains in this same interview that they consulted with health experts to build this aspect of the character, because they wanted to treat it seriously. In their research, they found that people who suffer from this type of problem usually have a ritual before vomiting, just like the superheroine in the show, for example.

Gene V – 83%, which will debut an episode every Thursday, will be an important part of the franchise. Although so far the first four episodes have barely mentioned winks to the original series, it is known that its events will take place before the fourth season of the other title. These new episodes still do not have a release date, as their development was hindered by the Hollywood strikes, which still have the actors out of work.

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