Geneticist debunks myths: ‘Vaccines not a conspiracy to ‘barcode people’

Geneticist debunks myths: ‘Vaccines not a conspiracy to ‘barcode people’


THE covid19 vaccines were not a conspiracy to barcode you or involve your body with 5G, said Dr Nicole Ramlachan, who has a doctorate in genetics from the Texas A&M University.

On Friday, she addressed a University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) webinar on the efficacy of the covid19 vaccines, at which she debunked several myths surrounding these vaccines.

She also said the AstraZeneca vaccine does not alter one’s DNA, as it never enters the DNA in the cells of one’s body.

“Nothing in it can cause disease, so this idea that you can get disease from it is not.” She added, “The covid19 vaccines can’t disrupt your menstrual cycle ”

There are no effects to be felt from standing next to a vaccinated person, she added.

Ramlachan advocated for more people to get vaccinated to try to get TT to herd immunity. She said the AstraZeneca vaccine seems to protect against the Brazilian and South African strains.

However, once a country has a large pool of unvaccinated individuals, these people would serve to facilitate the evolution of new variants of the virus.

Ramlachan noted TT’s vaccination drive was at the bottom of the region. The rate in Barbados was 26 vaccinations per 100 people but in TT was two per 100 people. In the US, it was 60-80 per cent, while in Bermuda it was 90 per cent. Some one billion vaccines had been administered worldwide, she said.

Ramlachan was content with the AstraZeneca vaccine’s efficacy of 66 per cent, comparing it to the 30 per cent rate for flu vaccines. She supported the decision to use all stocks in the current tranche of AstraZeneca vaccine from India to supply first shots to a wider pool of people rather than saving back some as booster shots, given the likelihood of these expiring by the date that boosters were due, in three months time. She assumed TT would get more doses to be used as booster shots, this time from the Covax facility.

Ramlachan reckoned the number of vaccine-linked deaths in the UK to be less than ten, out of 75 million people vaccinated. With 148 million people vaccinated in the US, the number of deaths was in the tens or 20s she said. Ramlachan said concerned patients who have had strokes, thrombolytic issues or bad reactions to past vaccines should talk to their doctor before getting vaccinated, as she noted blood-clotting issues related to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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