Governors press Biden on border


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – The border crisis took center stage Friday during President Joe Biden’s meeting with the nation’s governors.

The governors told the president they were frustrated by the lack of help they are receiving from Washington to address the border crisis in their states.

President Biden says he is also frustrated at Congress for not passing the bipartisan border deal.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a border state, we’re all border states now. There’s no question the financial strain is definitely taking a toll on all of us,” said Gov. Spencer Cox (R-Utah).

Many of the governors say they are frustrated at how Washington is handling the border and are urging both the administration and Congress to take action.

“We’re taking on the brunt of this inaction that we continue to see in Washington,” said Gov. Wes Moore (D-Md.).

Cox says states don’t have the resources or manpower to handle the influx of migrants they are receiving. 

“This is a problem that governors can’t solve, although we are trying as much as we can, this really is on the federal government,” said Cox.

Moore says the governors made their message clear to the president.

“We encourage him to use every lever in his power to include executive action,” said Moore.

President Biden told the governors the blame lies with eight House Republicans who killed the bipartisan border deal.

“The Speaker of the House has refused to vote on the bill,” said Biden.

The president told governors he is also working with the Justice department to understand what executive action he legally can take to address the border without Congress.


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