Greta Thunberg Deletes Pro-Gaza Post that Includes ‘Symbol of Antisemitism’

Climate worrier Greta Thunberg deleted her post calling for an Israel-Hamas ceasefire “in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza” after the public noticed that she had an octopus in her photo, in reference to Nazi propaganda that depicted Jews as an octopus with tentacles all over the world.

“Climate change activist celebrity Greta Thunberg has deleted a pro-Gaza photo after people pointed out the use of a blue octopus toy prop in the background. Historical Nazi propaganda depicted a Jewish octopus with tentacles all over the world,” author Andy Ngo noted in a post on X/Twitter.

In her now-deleted post, Thunberg wrote, “Week 270. Today we strike in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza. The world needs to speak up and call for an immediate ceasefire, justice and freedom for Palestinians and all civilians affected.”

The climate activist included the hashtags “Free Palestine,” “I Stand with Palestine,” and “Stand with Gaza.”

Thunberg’s post also featured an image of herself and others holding pro-Palestine signs, with a blue octopus toy — reminiscent of Nazi propaganda — clearly visible in the photo.

Thunberg addressed the issue in a repost without the octopus. The teen wrote:

It has come to my knowledge that the stuffed animal shown in my earlier post can be interpreted by some as a symbol for antisemitism, which I was completely unaware of. The toy in the picture is a tool often used by autistic people as a way to communicate feelings.

We are of course against every type of discrimination, and condemn antisemitism in all forms and shapes. This is non-negotiable. That is why I deleted the last post.

During World War II, a Nazi cartoonist suggested Winston Churchill was part of a supposed Jewish conspiracy, depicting the U.K. Prime Minister as a giant blue octopus with its tentacles encircling the globe and the Star of David over its head.

Thunberg’s pro-Palestine post featuring a blue octopus comes after the mass murder of Jews in Israel by the Palestinian terror group Hamas, which also raped, beheaded, set fire to, and kidnapped Israelis and citizens of other countries, including the United States.

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